Action Scenes OR Can we just talk about this like grown ups? 

August 30, 2017 11:50 am

My story has action scenes that I’m not to comfortable writing and therefor it makes me procrastinate. Besides the obvious part were I’m not a writer, I get serious anxiety when I know that it’s the action scene that I have to write next. But all the regular stuff I can move along easier. Not that those scenes are easy, non action scenes are easier for me to make them move along. It probably doesn’t help that I’m getting most of my advise from Pinterest, not real people.  

I should join a writers group or meet-up somewhere. I know I should, and a place in my heart knows that it’s going to happen regardless at some point. Just not yet. When we were still in Montana, my mother in law pointed out that there was some sort of “amateurish” writers club meeting somewhere in Billings. Well, I’m not ready for that. First, I don’t want any “real” writer to get condescending or ‘uppidy’ with me. I’m also not in the mood to just ‘stroke someone’s ego’. That would make me unleash a string of obscenities and insults in a tone that would probably get me dismissed from what ever Panera Bread we were all just having coffee at. 

Second, (you’ll lost count didn’t ya?) My story it’s in nowhere near reading form for anybody and I am scared that everyone else would be way more along than me, had more knowledge, experience, time, energy and motivation. These are real physical debilitating fears! Not really, those traits on other people mostly just humble me and make me work a little harder… BUT, I do have other stuff I need to get done that are just ahead of the list. 

Third, If I was to do that, that means that the husband has to watch the kid. That’s never a problem. He does, however plan really fun stuff that I want to go to! For the record, most weekends, my husband takes the kid somewhere or plans stuff with her at home without me so I can have a few hours to myself. That is seriously precious time and I always find something as constructive as going to one of those meeting, but with more urgency. 

And last, Weren’t we ALL told “NOT too judge a book by it’s cover”? There’s an endless amount of discussions on covers. Why?!

 I’m just not there yet, I guess. 

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