All you’re giving me is friction.

August 28, 2017 5:38 pm

When we were in Montana, we were staying in Reed Point, in the uncorporated part of town. Whenever my mother in-law was going to town, meaning Livingston or Columbus, the kid and I would go just for the hell of it. Please try to remember if you will, that these are small towns in the middle of no where. The people are as friendly and welcoming as you can imagine, and out of towners like myself and the kid are noticeable.

The first day after we arrived, my mother in-law took me and the kid to lunch, and the kid walked in and exclaimed as loud as she could “they DO have ketchup!” The entire place busted out laughing, to the point that when our waitress came around, she asked my daughter “do you want French fries with the ketchup?”. It was funny!

Well, in Livington there’s a really cute quilt shop run by wonderful ladies. And it’s just like you would imagine, beautiful quilts and fabrics every where, and even if you don’t quilt, like me, it’s still fun to go see the patterns and the artistry of quilting. I don’t normally purchase anything, because I’m not a quilter. But also, because my husband has me on notice about the amount of fabric just “living” in our home. Of course he’s right, because our house is way to small for me to just be having bolts of fabric.

I did find this cute little project and I thought it would be appropriate because it would be a nice memento for me to make for her.

I thought it wasn’t going to take that long.

I started this on Friday and I thought, “hey, I’ll be done by Saturday. Take a picture and post it.” Obviously that’s not happening! You know why? Because I got distracted with the Performance Center Open House yesterday. The kid will start Imagination Kids and I will start Improv. Then I needed to mow the entire front lawn whilst the husband and the kid started a campaign against weeds in the backyard, which we will still be doing next weekend. AND my husband just informed me that he ‘needs’ a new tractor for chickens with a two inch deep planter on top. We already have two tractors, but those are “too low and we need a place for delicate herbs”. Or so I’m told.

The point is that I haven’t had time to write anything and it’s stressing me out! It’s been three days. By the end of today, I wanted to have another post and at least add about a thousand words to my story. It’s ok. I’ll start again this week.

Am I going to be done with that little cowgirl? Maybe tonight…

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