Alone with my thoughts

April 18, 2018 11:25 am

I have a hard time sleeping. I don’t have a problem falling asleep, cause wine and cold medication help with that. But I have a hard time staying asleep. Every night I wake up around the 330 mark, seriously, and I get up and check on the kid. Every night since she’s been born. Last year, the husband got me a gadget to help with that as a gift. I looked at him and said

“I thought I asked for jewelry?”

“Al right… you have a birthday next month…”

Right now it’s after 4am and I’m up. I can’t wake up the husband to chat, I can’t make any real noises cause the dog might wake up and wake up 2kicks. I should just start about my day. Maybe changing my sleeping habits will change some patterns in my life and change some of my routine. If I change my routine, I could work out in the mornings!

My wrist hursts. I should take an Advil. Or an Aleve. What’s the difference between those two? Why isn’t Tylenol in the list? I had to take Tylenol 3 after an accident. I was abroad so I had to take an emergency flight back to the states. That sucked ass!

I can hear the husband and 2kicks snoring. Geez the kid is loud! She got to close to the road with her bike. I need to keep a better eye on her. But she was very understanding when I had to tell her that the playground was closed, because the city was removing dead tree branches. She took it well. She’s such a good kid. Let me go check on her.

She’s fine. Of course she’s fine…I’m sitting three feet from her!

In the morning, after 2kicks and the husband go to swimming lessons, I have to clean my desk… I have all this fabric that the writer gave me, and I want to make a duster out of it, but I can’t work with this mess. I haven’t swept or mopped the house the entire week and 2kicks walks around in her socks…. and that hippie detergent it’s not great. Sometimes, extra powerful chemicals are called for.

I can see the huge box by the door. It’s been sitting there since Christmas. It’s my new toilet. On top of it is my sink. For the life of us, we cannot find one entire weekend, to re do our bathroom. All the components are just sitting there. We’ll have to wait until Beba comes next month for Mother’s Day! I have to start practicing some recipes, cause I’m hosting the brunch. I still have time. I need to email that lady from Publix. I have thousands of emails. I’m not going through them.

We are going out tonight with some friends. What am I going to wear? Do I have to wear heels? Of course I do. I already get away with no make up and glasses, I shouldn’t push it. I need to rest. I don’t want my face to look tired.

Going back to bed.

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