Animal Kingdom

November 25, 2017 3:01 pm

For a long time we didn’t have any family living near us, so for Thanksgiving we like to go to Orlando and visit one of the parks. This year the godfathers came to spend it with us. Mostly for the kid. They came for the kid, but since the kid can’t drive herself yet, then we are also invited along.

The thing about the kid is that she doesn’t like anything intense. Nothing to scary or to sad. To give you some references, she wont watch Finding Nemo and her friend had to force yer to watch Moana. She rather watch mother goose club (nursery rhymes), her favorite movies right now are Charlotte’s Web and The land before time. The first time that she watched The Land Before Time she was mostly concerned about the girl triceratops because she had lost her papa. Not worried at all about the T-Rex. And please remember that this kid didn’t want to do any rides at a state fair.

Well, The Godfathers had been here before and we all wanted to see the “it’s a tough to be a bug” show. Its a 3D show with the bugs of “A Bug’s Life”. It’s funny, they spray you with water and the stink bug smells like coffee. We learn that bugs outnumber humans something like eight hundred thousand to one. I don’t remember the actual figure because within the first few minutes, the kid wanted nothing to do with this show! She took of her 3D glasses and was about to loose her mind. I had to tell her to calm down and close her eyes. She hid behind me, but would occasionally peak at the show. She made it through, but I feel a little guilty for forcing her to sit there just so I could watch the show.

But then I remembered that ridiculous amount of money we had payed to get in and decided she would be fine.

The rest of the park was really cool. They have live animals all around like a zoo, a big huge “Tree of Life” in the center, and Asia and Africa inspired areas. And of course, the new Pandora park. That’s the planet from Avatar. This part has two rides. One had an ninety-five minute wait and the other one was two-hundred and ten minutes. No thank you! But the floating rocks were impressive and the vegetation was unique. And because it doesn’t matter where we go, they also had a Dinoland, USA little area.

Two things I found that really bugged me: it was cold yesterday and the kid still had the lingering effects of the cold she had, and the bathrooms were disgusting! Listen, I just paid a fortune to get in here! I don’t mind the lines, or the crappy food, or the lack of wine. BUT those bathroom need to be fully stocked, cleaned, and smelling nice! All of them! That was gross!

Other than that, it was a great day, and the kid loved it. Next year Legoland!

These two look fancy all the time.

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