November 26, 2017 3:30 pm

We all know that we shouldn’t get into online arguments. We KNOW that most of the comments are by people being paid to get a reaction. We know that the internet is the place where horribleness comes alive and then dies a terrible death in front of our eyes. I shouldn’t comment on anything and I definitely should not read comments on any social media, blog post, or even product reviews. Well, I’m a rebel and some times I just can’t help myself. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about: I was reading a mommy and me blog, and in the comments section there was this comment:

Random mom: I know this isn’t the place to ask, but my ex and I bought a bunch of guns, all under his name and mine got stolen. Does he have to report it or do I?

In less than a second, my rage peak, my vision went black and my self control took off running. I responded with:

Me: I’m assuming that you and your ex are one of those responsible gun owners. Great.

Now, at this point I took a deep breath and sat back already regretting my decision to comment and at the same time I didn’t want to delete the comment. But I waited to see what she would type and sure enough, she responded with this

Random Mom: what if I told you that I got punched in the face and my purse got stolen with the gun in it?!! I bet you feel pretty shitty right about now, don’t you!

Random Mom: Oh, and you know what they say about assuming

Clearly after this I had regained my composure and now was just shaking my head cause I had just started interacting with an ignorant deplorable with absolutely no idea how to take responsibility for her actions, little less take responsibility with the consequences of said actions. I lost. Game over. Thanks for playing.

But… I wanted to stretch my funny bone. PLUS… I wanted to engage. I responded with this:

Me: so just to clear this up, first you got a gun to defend yourself and you couldn’t figure how to do that because you got punched in the face and your purse got stolen. So the main reason you and people like you like to wave the second amendment around is for “self defense” but you failed at the one thing you were supposed to do with the gun. And second, IF you didn’t have a gun, YOU would still have gotten punched in the face, except that this time there wouldn’t be a (stolen) gun in the hands of a man who walks around punching people in the face!

It took a while for her response, but she came back with something along the lines of:

Random mom: I feel sorry for you. You don’t know how to feel empathy for someone who got punched in the face. And based on your (social media) pictures, I can see why.

At this point some other mom interjected with I’m prying for you (meaning me). See, once people start praying for me, I start wishing for their internet to die and that they have to pay for data overcharges. The husband has forbidden me to start wishing ‘cancer’ on people. Which makes me believe that he thinks I’m some sort of witch with a tremendous amount of power. But that’s a different post. At this point either she or the administrator deleted the thread. I’ve never wanted to punch anybody in the face as much as I wanted to punch this woman.

I like to read this dear Abby type of blog and again I commented with my opinion and a joke right after. That came back to bite me in the ass to the point that one person even typed I know what you’re trying to say but you’re saying it like a lawyer and I don’t like it! What does that even mean?

Another time, this blogger made a generalization about married couples. I commented on it and this person came back with well, you don’t know the whole the story! (you’re right! The only things I know is what you write) Look at my parents! (They were never mentioned in the post, and I’ve never met them, so I’m not sure how I was supposed to keep them in mind, and one couple are not the norm) How dare you judge me for judging other people? (That’s right. I forgot) what about me? (The post was about how you’re ‘better’ than other people, but I’m supposed to feel empathy for you) I know I made a generalization but I refuse to acknowledge that you might have a point as this is my blog and it’s only for me. Really? Here I thought you wanted me to read your blog. My bad. This person ended the reply by telling me to “look into my own relationship”. Ok.

One time, at my favorite celebrity gossip blog someone called me a troll! Me! I don’t even know how to use Twitter! And by the way, I STILL think that Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lawrence are both overrated.

The husband and the godfathers don’t understand why I do this. I don’t know how I get sucked into this, and the truth is that it is dangerous. People come after other people all the time. But it happens and at the end of the day it does make my skin ticker.

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