Back to Work

September 12, 2017 3:37 pm

The storm has passed. The clouds have parted. The sun is out. The power is back on and the husband returned to work. Life back to normal.

At least for us. Six million people still don’t have power. Shoot, there’s people in our neighborhood that still don’t have power. Schools are out until next week, and the Keys are still “closed for renovations.” The kid woke up a little ran down. Probably the little bit that she got wet at the beginning of the storm. We let her watch outside with us. 

The first thing we did yesterday was take down the plywood from the windows. Three days in the darkness…I hated the darkness so much that making permanent “shutters for the windows” just jumped about ten spots on the “projects” list. That way, next time, the last thing we do, is close the shutters. As far as damage, our tress took a beating. There’s branches everywhere, and one of our trees moved to our neighbors yard through the fence. We’re not sure how to handle that one. And we may had lost a bougainvillea. 

But the worst part was our fence. Who knew fences that are decades old, wouldn’t withstand hurricane force winds? We have to replace five panels worth of fence. One of them, completely gave out, and we had to put some plywood, to cover the opening. We can’t have the dog running away. Not that she would, we’ve actually forgotten her outside, and she just sits by the fence door crying until the kid hears her. Also, we cant give a pass to all the cats in the area to come into our yard. But the replacing wont get done until next weekend, at best. 

At the end of the day we are LUCKY! We didn’t have to evacuate, we didn’t get flooded, we had water the entire time, the power came back within a day of the storm, and last night the neighbors came over with their kid and booze. I grilled stakes. 

Ok, I took a break from cleaning to write. Back to work. 

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