February 8, 2018 10:36 pm

When I was little, I wanted to do ballet. Yeah, yeah, yeah…. I know! I understand that it’s an expensive, ridiculously competitive, and physically and emotionally demanding and damaging performance dance one can practice. But I didn’t care, I still wanted to do it, except that I didn’t get to. Again, it’s an expensive dance, and I was really chubby! After we had the kid, I told the husband this and he looked at me concerned and frowning

“Please don’t force our kid to do ballet. And please don’t be one of those moms” he said

“Oh stop!” I snapped back, because of course I’m not going to force our kid to do ballet, or play volleyball, or join the military, or do anything she doesn’t want to! She will have to go to college, but I’m sure that by that time, she’ll do anything to get away from us…

Back to ballet. I took what he said so much to heart, that I never pushed ballet cartoons, or pink, or ballet decorations or anything like that. I didn’t even mentioned it to my mother in law, until after she bought the kid a “ballerina Moose” one of the times we were in Montana. And even then, I didn’t make it sound like I was obsessed with ballet or anything, because I’m not. But the truth is that I want the kid to go to ballet classes! Of course I do, and I want her to go on stage, have the outfit, her hair pull back, the shoes and the whole thing! So I waited until she was the right age, and for her to ASK for ballet. I’m not sure why or where she learned it from, but out of the blue she expressed some interest in being a ballerina like “ballerina moose”.

“Ok, great!” I said.

I found a little school, pretty close to us and everything went down hill from there….

The first time I called, the answering machine said to leave a message and they would call back. I did and they didn’t. The answering machine nor the websites said anything about being closed for winter. The next week, I showed up and called from the parking lot, and nobody answered. We went inside, to find the ladies chatting. I was clearly interrupting. I asked what I think are normal questions for a school, such as

“what time are the classes for my kid’s age group?”

“Well, she might have to go to the other class, I’m not sure, but we need to check. and you can do a trial class” she answered

“The teacher evaluates her? Or how does that work?” I asked confused by her answer

“We’ll see, come back next week”


This was the first week of January. The disappointment has been escalating week to week. They didn’t have the kid’s leotard, that they mandate. I was never introduced to the teacher, I had to introduce myself, whilst she was wrangling the girls. I never met the director, nor did I get a tour of the studio, like I requested. The second week they had no record I had paid. The women that sit at the reception desk behaved like I was interrupting their social media time, when I had questions. Not once did they returned my call. The girls don’t have a show or at least, I was never told of one. For me, part of taking my daughter to ballet is the pageantry and costumes. She didn’t get have that.

Today I called and removed her from the school. Forsaking the registration fee, and having to argue for a refund for a leotard that I STILL never got! It’s taken me over an hour to try to calm down, I was so mad. The first thing I did after I hung up the phone, was text the husband and mother in law for their opinion.

The kid on her part was disappointed, but she didn’t get upset. She asked to do some crafts with me and she felt better, but I’m still mad. Because I read the reviews and now I’m convinced that either those reviews were paid for OR they just didn’t like me! Either way, I was done with them. I found another school, that I will be checking out tomorrow. At the end of the day, I don’t take shit from the kid’s doctor, I’m definitely not going to take shit from an overrated, under qualified, minimum wage receptionist and glorified baby sitters!

In any event, I have learn several lessons for next time:

1. get a FREE first class. If they don’t have, move on. There are plenty of people that want to work with kids.

2. If the owner or director, doesn’t come out to meet every single student, move on. Clearly the kid is just a number

3. If you don’t get to see the classroom, move on.

4. If the teacher doesn’t know which one is your kid by site, move on. Said teacher doesn’t care about your kid.

5. Reviews are pretty cheap these days.

Here’s the review I left:

Based on the reviews, now I’m convinced that they did NOT want me there. I signed up my 4 year old for ballet the first class in January, and the lady

at the desk had an ATTITUDE!

1) Before I walked in, I had called from the parking lot, and the phone rang until it went to voice mail, but when I walked in, she was just chatting with another woman who might have worked there.

2) I paid for everything, they even charged me for a trial class ($20), and I still had to pay the full month. The website says $60, but I was charged $65. THANK GOD I kept my receipts cause by the next class, “there was no record of me paying”! Yeah! I had to show the lady all of my reciepts !

3) The first class, I ordered the leotard that they are MANDATED to wear. FIVE weeks later, they still don’t have it. My kid is THE ONLY one not in uniform. For me, part of the whole experience of taking your daughter to ballet, is the pageantry and customs. It was disappointing to say the least, and twice my kid asked why didn’t she have like the other girls.

4) There are a few women who sit in the “reception desk”. And every time I approached them they behaved like I was “bothering them” and wasting their time with my questions! I was under the impression that they wanted to help the parents and support the kids. Not mine. They couln’t have cared less.

5) in none of the classes, did I ever feel welcome. Nor did the teachers make an effort to know the parents, I never met the director, or the owner, or who ever is in charge. I felt invisible, I wasn’t even aloud to see the classrooms!

Like I said, they probably didn’t like me. I’m sure they’re over flowing with students, clients, and they feel very secured in their positions. That’s why they couldn’t care less if I was a client or not.

She asked for a Dino Ballerina bag, and since you can’t buy those, I made it.

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