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August 21, 2017 3:35 pm

A few weeks ago I watched an interview of Lorde on Seth Mayers, and she talked about being able to see Music. She can turn sounds to colors. I’ve never wanted something so bad as the ability to see music! It’s an ACTUAL superpower! It’s called Synesthesia, and it’s ridiculous rare. Now, I don’t know about superheroes, beyond Batman, and I’ve heard of Superman. I’ve never been a superheroes fan, I couldn’t care less about the avengers, or guardians, I don’t care to learn the backstory, I don’t watch the movies, nor do I read comic books. This last one is a “thing” at my house because my husband is a published comic book writer. But if there’s a insect out there that can bite me and give me the ability to see sounds, I would jump at the chance! My husband does love superheroes. And Star Wars. Because pretty much every man I have ever met, that is within the same decade as my husband loves Star Wars. 

The next thing, will be controversial, but please stay with me and remember that my heart really is in the right place: I don’t like Star Wars (cue in gasps!). I’ve sat through the original ones three times (yes, all three movies, three times), and I still can’t really tell you what was going on. I also had to sit through one of the ‘not so new’ new ones (no idea which one) and I fell asleep within in fifteen minutes. The little guys that look like shih-tzus, are they good or bad? The part where there’s snow, where is that? Is it me or does Natalie Portman look really young? And why is there only one yoda? I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know! In the words of Michael Che, “Star Wars is an unfunny Spaceballs” (“yogurt! Yogurt! I hate yogurt!” It still cracks me up every time). 

I need to not watch them again.
With that said, for his birthday, my husband wanted to see one of the latest Star Wars, rogue one, I think. Three hours, plus commercials, and previews. Was I going to go with him? NO! There was no chance at all of that happening. I knew it and he knew it. He didn’t even ask and he went alone and it was fine. (He went alone because we were out of town, not because he doesn’t have any friends. The husband asked to put that in there so he doesn’t sound like a “friendless loser”. His words). But going to the movies isn’t a need for either one of us. Just barely a want and it’s just his, because I can’t commit to anything that’s lasting more than forty-four minutes. 

Which brings me to this, had it been a “need” for him, should I have gone? Let say he was one of those people that wouldn’t be caught dead at a movie theater by themselves (like me!), was I obligated to go? Also, let’s not forget that my need is to not see these movies again. Does someone else’s needs override our own? I understand compromising in a marriage is vital for it’s survival, but less not forget that we are talking about a movie. 

Here’s another example, two of my characters get into an argument:

“Please walk away” She said

“But we’re not done. And you being mad at me feels like punishment” He responded

“It’s not punishing you. I’m still upset and I need quiet” 

“You get ten minutes! And then you have to listen to me” he finished. 

The part that you don’t know is that, they’re driving in a solar power RV, in a post apocalyptic world. Carrying their kid and their biggest load of weed. With bad guys trying to kill them, but they don’t know that yet. 
At what point does ones ‘needs’ get to be overridden by someone else’s? 

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