April 4, 2018 12:52 pm

Spring is here!

When we got pregnant it was spring. And one time right at the beginning, I swear I felt the kid kick on my left side. Twice, really quick back to back… the husband halfway believed me but it was to early for me to be feeling kicks. But as the months passed by, she did start kicking. Always twice, really quick one after the other. Since we didn’t know the gender of the kid, one of the nicknames the husband gave the unborn child was “2kicks.” It stuck! To this day! A lot of the times, a lot of us (her family members) call her that and one of the uncles calls her that exclusively. So I’m going to start calling her that on here, cause I feel like she needs a nickname here! All of her friends have one, she should have one too.

Last night was my last night of Improv until August. The last class it’s called “the show”, but it’s just for family and friends. The husband and 2kicks come, and she’s actually really good and just sits there. The husband makes an extra effort to laugh so she knows where the jokes are. One of my classmates was concerned about the four year old in the audience. I had to tell everyone not to worry about the kid. That there was nothing they could say that would be worse than some of our neighborhood association meetings. For her part she lasted as long as she could, before getting bored and having to put her headphones on. It was ok. The husband said that some of us were funny… but some of us were not…. I’m not sure in which category he put me in. I think I was my regular self. I stayed focused, calm, played all my games, and even stood in for one missing person. I know that for me it wasn’t nerve racking. I don’t think I was even that excited. The whole thing wasn’t as much fun as it once was…. I’m ready to be done with those classes for a while. I know I’ll start missing them before the summer is over, but for now I don’t want to zip, zap, zop… it’s a game… don’t ask…

Last night, the kid also started ballet and tap. In a different school. They seem nice enough, I met the owner and both teachers, I got both classes for free, a tour, and I talked to two girls there and they seemed to like it. I like that they have a summer camp program that has half days drop off, with an afternoon shift AND it’s reasonably priced! Score! She gets to practice her technique, do crafts, and learn new dances! She wont get to participate in the recital, but I don’t mind, cause I didn’t want to spend that amount of money on one show. If she sticks to it until the next one, then yes, clearly she likes it, and has put a lot of work into it. So far so good. It’s a bit of a drive, but I’m ok with that.

She also started soccer. She had done it once before but she didn’t care for it at all! All ten weeks had been a huge fight every time with her. She didn’t want to do the exercises or go to the monkey house during the water breaks, she would randomly start crying, or she just didn’t want to play at all. The husband hated it, but that was part of their Saturday mornings. After it ended he said he wouldn’t do it again. But it’s been years and Baby Shark does soccer. So of course 2kicks wanted to do it too! Unfortunately, it’s on the same day and time as her class with Curly Cute, but only for ten weeks. We’ll see what happens after that, because ten weeks from now it’s almost summer and who knows what’s going to happen then. Hopefully Montana, but I don’t want to jinx it…

2kicks and Curly Cute have been going to that class for so long, that I’m sure they’re bored. That’s probably one of the reasons she keeps getting in trouble. The drive is kind of far and uncomfortable, and it’s only a half an hour class. She has tons of activities and I just added two more. I’ve been semi forcing her to go to that class anyways, just so I could hang out with The Hot One and OMR, but I don’t want to do this anymore… And with the temperatures rising, the beach is back on our to do activities list. But the truth is that I need a change of scenery. I’m getting restless with my routine, and the same thing over and over again. I’m bored with nothing. I’m ready for the mother in law to come visit so we can hang out, show her the new classes and tell all the stories. I’m ready for a new adventure.

This feels right…

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