Cold Cold

December 18, 2017 9:49 pm

We’ve had a cold front down here in Florida. It got to the low 40s!

Our house is about eighty years old. It’s mostly one big room and it’s not insulated at all. So trying to heat it up it’s a bit of a challenge. We have space heaters, but i don’t let them stay on all night. The kid and I have to sleep in layers and the husband puts on sweats and t-shirt. During the day we have to bundle up, but not as bad as in NYC or, this year, Atlanta.

But the days that are extra cold, I climb on the kid’s bed while she’s still sleeping to snuggle her. She’s always extra warm, and she still fits perfectly under my neck. As she slowly wakes up, and realizes that I’m there, she hugs me tighter. Or she grabs my hands to hold her tighter and doesn’t let me move. Yesterday, the husband came in and asked her what she wanted for breakfast, and she said: “Toast, with jam. But I need more mimos* until it’s done”

She then proceeded to lay back down to snuggle some more. I love this kid.

So the holiday craze is still in full swing at the house. Friday I had to run errands: IKEA, Whole Foods, Costco, Target and get a haircut, and still try to make it home before four pm to cook dinner. When I was getting my hair cut, Madam president call to see if I wanted to go for cocktails later that evening… thanks but at some point I have to rest. Because, Saturday I still had to go to the post office, dry cleaners and Publix. Then at four thirty, there was the candy cane hunt at the park put on by the association, followed by How the Grinch Stole Christmas and ended with National Lampoons Christmas Vacations. The husband was Santa for the candy cane hunt, and later him and Mr. Melania had to grill burgers and hotdogs.

But the main event was at my house! I accidentally had a party with a bunch of our friends and the kid’s bestie came to play with her, but they both fell asleep before eleven. I made tuna dip, two spinach artichoke cheese bomb: one with bacon and one with out. Cause my midwife and her daughter are vegetarians and were supposed to come over but they got stuck in the middle of a birth. The main course was the Beef Wellington! It was a huge success! Everybody loved it. At least that’s what they said, and I don’t want to look for a reason that they would lie to me. But they did eat almost everything. Also, we joked and poked fun at everyone, and my lady balls got busted, but we also discussed some politics, exchange ideas, had a small gun debate, but it was in good nature and not mean at all!

I had no idea who was coming up until Saturday afternoon. In fact, Squirrel Master and Grumpy old man never showed up. Two of my mom friends that came also made food, a wonderful Caprese Salad and a vegan dip. Both delicious. Of course we ate outside, cause my house is tiny but the backyard is big and breeze, with the vegetable garden surrounded by big tall bushy trees. One of my mom friends, (let’s nickname her the Writer, cause she has a bunch of books published) said to me today at our normal play date, that she and her husband had a wonderful time and Saturday night looked and felt like it came out of a magazine.

It was a great time!

That’s a very skinny Santa!

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