Dinosaur Lego

April 11, 2018 7:53 pm

We, as in my husband, daughter and I, are spending three weeks with my in laws in Montana. The trip up here it’s quite a hike: either three days driving, which is a nightmare with just my husband, it would be almost impossible with a three year old. OR two planes, and a two hour drive. We’ve only done the latter, and keep in mind that during off season, it’s three planes. Plus, we had to leave our house, the dog and two chickens with our (wonderful) neighbor. Also, I’m a crafter, seamstress, woodworker, gardener and all around “projects having” type of person, and not having something to do, some times, makes me feel useless.

But, lets go back a notch, I’m not complaining. They have a great house sitting on twenty acres in the middle of nowhere by the Yellowstone river. My mother in law is an Amazing Cook (capital “A” and capital “C”), there’s a hot tub outside, the basement is stocked with booze, they have an X-box with Skyrim (more on that on a different post), a bunch of toys for the kid, excellent internet connection, FULL cable, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and a view to die for. I’ve had time to write, take naps and the husband and I actually went on a date. We spent a night without the kid, only the second one in three and a half years.

We love my in laws and we don’t have any family close by where we live, so three weeks with them is a welcome change of scenery. We get along great and the extended stay allowed us to do things that we never get to do: my best friend, who lives across the country, and works what feels like a hundred hours a week, came for the weekend to visit us. My husband’s aunts came later that week because my brother in law was about to get married in a small ceremony, where my sister in law officiated. Something we would have missed if we weren’t here for the extended stay. The river is right by the house and there’s a little beach where the kid went fishing with my father in law (Well, he went fishing, the kid just danced by the river). A Whittenberger tradition. We already knew the bride, but with this trip, we also got to meet her beautiful family. Her niece and my kid got along wonderfully!
It sounds idealic, because it is.

Why do I bring this up? Some might ask. Well, the kid has spent the bulk of “TV watching time” (yes, we limit that) watching Dinosaur Legos. It’s only twenty-four minutes long and after it’s done, she replays it. She’s obsessed with dinosaurs and I get it, it’s a good little show….

I just kinda wanted to watch Trolls…that’s all.

So many rocks, so little time

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