January 5, 2018 3:28 pm

Fishdom is a puzzle style game for little kids. You match three of the same and you gain points. There’s some in apps purchases but mostly free. It’s meant to pass the time when you’re bored. Pretty standard. The kid introduced me to it over the holidays, and since I wanted to have some forced down time, I downloaded it and now I’m hooked. The only saving grace is that you only get five lives, and then you have to wait thirty minutes, per life, to play again. I haven’t neglected my family or my home, but at the same I haven’t gone out of my way to have extra activities with the kid or complete any projects or made any special meals, just so I can play. It’s a horrible habit, and I intend to break it. In fact, I’m supposed to make little vests for three of my kid’s friends, I wanted to make some trays out of left over wood, a wall clock out of pallets, continue writing my book (granted I’m writing it at snail pace, but I will finish it), hang my new wine glasses shelves. I’m putting most of those things on hold until my mother in law comes visit. I fear I’ll use that time to play a stupid game, so I will be deleting it the day she arrives.

But tonight we’re going to the Art Museum.

The first Thursday of every month it’s free admission to the local Art Museum, they have an all ages activity and of course they have a 2 for 1 wine and beer, for us moms that go with their kids. Squirrel Master normally comes with me, cause it’s 2 for 1 wine, the girls like the activity, and we bribe them with cookies to let us see the exhibits and we all have a nice time.

The next day…

We went to the museum last night and it was nice. Frank Stella was the artist being showcased for the activity. He has an exhibit based on Moby Dick. Squirrel Master got there late, but we still manage to check everything out. As usual, we started chatting with two other moms there and found out that one of them was visiting from Orlando because, apparently it was just “to cold!”. Seriously, if you haven’t paid attention to the news, it snowed in Florida!

I also made a new contact for my Woman’s Networking Group. I don’t think I wrote about this yet. With the support of Madam President, our neighborhood will have a Woman’s Networking group, which will be a member led discussion group and hopefully our first speaker will be the director and chief curator of the museum! How cool is that?!

Also, the kid will be having a sleepover at Squirrel Master’s house tonight! Her kid, which we will nick-name Lizard Charmer (because that kid can charmed the crap out of ANY lizard she wants!) and my kid have known each other since they were infants. They cry to see each other and then they like to argue about pretty much anything else, but deep down they love each other. Any who, the husband’s Christmas Party is tonight and they have an open bar y’all! I’m not gonna get s*** faced, but we will be taking a car service there and back!

I lost track of the point of this post. Sorry about that…