Fort Lauderdale Cares: Part Three

May 3, 2018 1:00 am

So Saturday morning comes and it’s Fort Lauderdale Cares Day!

The kid has swim lessons Saturday morning with Baby Shark. Normally, this is the weekly papa-Gordita date. But with him being in charge of the event (I don’t think of this FLCD as an ‘event’, per say, just people weeding), the husband was going to the designated area to be cleaned up for our neighborhood, and I would take 2kicks to swim lesson.

I told the writer what GG had done the night before,

“That’s amazing!” said the the writer.

“I know right!” I said, “so I’m standing in the middle of the rain, and I’m like, what?!”

“Where are you going to plant them?” Asked the writer

“By the day care on the dead end. It’s in my side of the neighborhood and that’s the part that I’m going to make prettier. Plus I’m sure nobody from the actual neighborhood is going to show up…” I said. We both laughed. She couldn’t come, because of a previous engagement. Other wise, she would’ve helped.

“Good for you!” Said the writer.

The night before, after I saw the plants outside, I called GG right away

“I cannot believe you just did this… ” I said.

“You sounded so upset over the phone…I just wanted you to have your plants.” GG said.

“Thank you. You made me very happy.” I said

“You’re welcome. Where are you going to plant them?” GG asked

“In the little patch, by the day-care” I said.

“That’s a good spot.”

“I thought so.” I said. I could hear him smiling on the other end of the line.

“You have a good night…” GG said and we hung up.

After the lesson, I went home and fed the kid. I loaded up the car with all the plants, and my tools. I called the husband,

“How much longer you have?” I asked him

“I’ll be there in about twenty minutes. We’re almost done here.” he said

Ok. The husband met me at the planned patch and between the three us we planted all my plants. Now my little world is a little better and greener.

Photo models, the husband and 2kicks.

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