September 20, 2017 7:34 pm

A few months ago, my husband and I had this conversation:

Susie: Do you think I’m getting grumpier as I get older?

Husband: hmmm… nah. I think you’ve always been this amount of grumpy….


That was my initial reaction. And since then, I think I’ve been trying to improve my attitude. Maybe not as hard as I could, but then again, I’m a naturally grumpy person. 

But here’s a list of things that make me grumpy, pretty much on a weekly basis. 

  1. Tardiness. Punctuality is something that I always strive for. One thing is to be late once in a blue moon because of ‘X’ reason. But people that are consistently late, they are just rude. I don’t think they sit around thinking about how little they care about your time. People who are constantly late just don’t think about anybody else. That makes them selfish. 
  2. Parking on the fire line outside a store. Hey! You’re not the only one that has a cart full of stuff from Costco. I too, have a load that makes it harder to drive the shopping cart, and now I have to navigate all around you lazy pieces of inconsideration to get to my car all the way in the pre- marked spot in the parking lot. 
  3.  Ambivalence. When I ask someone, something as trivial as would you like coffee and they don’t have an answer. Really? You don’t know if you’re thirsty for coffee? Really? You don’t know if you want to go for a walk? Really? You don’t know if you want to hang out? Really? You don’t know if you’re hungry? Really? You don’t know if you want fried chicken or pizza? It’s even worse when they say whatever you want it’s fine with me. I’m not your mother! Make A decision! (On a side note of this, if you want to meet somewhere or do something, the answer to what time should we meet? it’s not well, maybe between 7-9. I don’t think so. That’s just an excuse to be there late.) 
  4.  Busy-ness. It’s 2017. We are all busy. That’s not a real answer to what have you been up to? And, do you think I’m sitting around with loads a free time and nothing better to do than to ask you questions? Listen, If I’m taking the time to be even superficially interested in you, the least you can do is provide an actual answer, i.e new clients, crafting, sick parents, braking up with a boyfriend, managing a new project a work, moving, having an affair, hiring a new babysitter, learning how to salsa, whatever! But give me something substantial, cause otherwise I’m fairly certain you’re up to date with all Housewives of wherever and all this ‘busy-ness’ is your lack of time management skills and the fact that there’s nothing interesting happening in your life.
  5. Not picking up after your dog. Because we have Oakland, I watch so many people let their dogs go and not even pretend they forgot they’re baggies. 

Of course the usual suspects are also included: Traffic, Ignorance, Man-splaining, Rudeness, People approaching me asking if I have found Jesus (yes, this STILL happens!). I’m certain there’s more but I can’t remember right now, cause I’m actually in a pretty good mood. The kid is napping, which she normally doesn’t, which in turn gave me the time to write this post. 

Win, win, win!

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