April 25, 2018 2:11 am

In the city of Fort Lauderdale it is not illegal to leave your weapon in the car. In fact, your employer cannot fire you for leaving your weapon in the car. You’re employer is also not allowed to ask if you have guns.

There has been a rash of guns being stolen because people leave their guns in their vehicles. In fact in one of the neighborhood meetings we learned that a fire station parking lot was hit, and a bunch of those guys’ guns were stolen. So what does the police department decide to do about it? They began a program to give away lock boxes, very nice expensive ones, to gun owners so they can leave their guns in the car.

That’s right.

Police Chief Rick Maglioni was one of the speakers at the Neighborhood Leadership Academy, where he told us all about it. This is the second time I heard about these boxes. The first time was at a neighborhood general meeting, where the Police Officer that gives us our crime stats every month brought a bunch of the boxes to give away.

So, back to the NLA, where the Chief of Police was speaking. At the end he asked, “Does anybody have any questions?”

Some people did. NONE of the question were about the boxes. NONE of the questions were about the guns being left in cars.

I had a question, but there wasn’t enough time to get to it. So here’s my question:

How is it legal to leave a gun in a car? How is a person defending themselves with their gun, if their gun is in their vehicle? This gun carrying person, just contributed to illegal gun trafficking and put the rest of us ‘law abiding citizens’ in danger because of their negligence! How come there are no repercussions for their irresponsible behavior?!?! Wait, I forgot: they get a nice lock box for their vehicles.

Let me put this in a different way: it’s illegal to own and keep chickens in the city of Fort Lauderdale.

That’s right.

So, if one of my chickens escaped and code enforcement sees it, code enforcement has two options:

1. Take my chickens away and slap me with a huge fine.


2. Give me a nice beautiful chicken coop, so that my chickens can’t escape again.

Oh! How I wonder whatever would they do?!

So in a land not too far away… some of my mom friends and I went for a walk…

We had a really good time! We even made our UBER driver blush with our conversation! When Mom friends get together it can get dangerous!

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