I get ahead of myself

October 23, 2017 1:19 pm

The kid and I spent a week in Phoenix. 

About fifteen years ago, I was a working professional going to graduate school, both full time. I had just started working and I still had to go through the regular “new hire” briefings. One of them being from the payroll department. That one I had to keep rescheduling, because my immidiate suppervisor, the director of Security mind you, kept tell me that as long as my money was being deposited that the briefing didn’t matter. The payroll administrator was justifiably irritated with me. In fact the word he used was “bitch”. Who can blame him? Well, the person that I kept canceling on ended up being the minister at my wedding and godfather to my child.

Our lives have since taken dramatic twists and turns, now I’m a stay at home mom pretending to be a writer and he’s a big time executive for one of the biggest companies in the world pretending not to be. But in the years in between we became besties! We have moved across country. Not that it matters, he spends most of the time traveling abroad. When we can we FaceTime, and if schedules permit we try to sneak a weekend here or a stop there. 

Well, in January, him and his partner bought a house in Arizona and they love it. They will probably retire there. Coincidentally, their house is less than three miles from my husband’s aunt and about five miles from his cousin who’s about the same age as us. And she has a kid the same age as ours. 

Since I had never been to Arizona, The Godfathers (that’s what I’m gonna start referring them as) invited us to come over. And I said “of course!”. Then I told my mother in law that she should join us, so we could introduce The Godfathers, her sister and her niece. Plus, we really wanted the grandkids to play together. And what grandmother in her right mind (with the means) would refuse to take a quick flight to spend some time with the grandkid? She said “of course!” Almost as fast as I did. 

Wholy dry dessert! We had a really nice time. Kinda just jumped from pool to pool, had dinners with family and of course there was a Dinosaurs exhibit at the zoo! And one of The Godfather’s wanted to go to the state fair, that the kid rode one ride and said “that’s to scary”. There was a part of me that really wanted to try the bacon wrapped fried turkey leg with nacho fries. I somehow managed to contain myself. 

All in all it was a great place. The only thing I can think of is that for someone who is very comfortable in south Florida with no air conditioner, I was a bit chilly coming out of the pools. But other than that, it was a great place. I really did like it. So much so, that we called the husband and told him all about it, I even started looking at properties and told the husband that he should check out the job market. Even his cousin was like “are you guys really considering it?!” And I was like “yeah!”

Of course, the husband reminded me that it took me over tree years to convince him to move out of NYC. So, all I’m saying is that there is a chance!