I’m a poser

March 26, 2018 6:00 pm

The kid came to me with a booboo…That needed to be attended to immediately…Right before bed time…

Really? Ok. I asked her to sit on the chair at my desk and wait a second. Mama was gonna fix it. “Ok.” The kid said.

I went to the laundry grabbed a pair of nitrate nurse gloves. (We keep some of those always around to paint, craft and handle raw chickens.) I came back inside, the kid was still sitting at my desk looking concerned. I went to the bathroom, grabbed some items, changed my glasses and went back to the kid.

“Are you ok Gordita?” I asked in a serious, deep concern voice. My eyebrows were crunched in the middle, that’s how serous this procedure was. She just looked at me worried. I place all the items on my desk and proceeded to putting my gloves on.

Now, please know that I am a big fan of House MD & Grey’s Anatomy. When I say big fan, I mean HUGE fan! I’ve learned so much about weird syndromes and real medicine. I’ve also learned that real doctors and nurses aren’t as knowledgeable, experienced or ethical as TV shows, but that’s a different story. Here’s an actual bit of information that you wouldn’t know unless you were a HUGE fan of House MD: Gregory House’s birthday is on June 11th. Hugh Laurie’s birthday is on June 11th. Hugh Laurie and Dr House share a birthday. I know that because I looked it up.

So I proceeded to put my gloves on in the same amount of dramatic fashion they do on the shows. I even SNAPPED the gloves on! I looked at the booboo. Then I sprayed the affected area with alcohol. The husband and I keep straight alcohol on a .99 cent tiny target spray bottle…for our glasses! We both wear glasses that are constantly being touch by very dirty, yet loved, tiny little greasy fingers!

Also, there is another small spray tiny bottle with witch hazel in it. What the husband is doing with that it’s NOT my concern!!!

And I DO NOT want to know!

So I wiped the booboo. I sprayed the booboo. I blew on the booboo. I found a little sample tube of Eucerin. I never use lotion, so the kid had never seen this weird looking tube.

“What is that?” She asked

“Oh, this is a soothing repairing lotion with rich emollients” I answered reading straight from the tube

“Ok. That’s good. That’s going to make my booboo better” she nodding her head. I have to say that at this point it took everything I had to not loose my s***, cause let me tell you: that was FUNNY!! So funny in fact, the husband that had been watching the entire medical drama unfold before his eyes, had to walk outside, cause he did loose it!

I proceeded to rub some of the magic healing lotion on her booboo.

“Is that better?” I asked after a seconds of blowing.

“Yeah, that’s much better” she said.

“OK. Good. Let’s get you to bed.” I said.

“Ok. I’m ready for bed now.” She said. And we did

For the record, the booboo was a mosquito bite.

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