Infrastructure Development: Part II

May 25, 2018 12:28 pm

There was a team meeting about our event, at the location where’s going to be held. Every one of the members was meant to be there, but only some of us showed up. I looked around as everyone reported on their assigned tasked, including the most amazing city representative, and I forgot what I was so mad about. The team was chatting and laughing and catching up with life.

I took one deep breath and listened to all the hard work that every one involved had put into making this event happen. Individually, with no compensation and no guaranteed reward at the end. Everyone there was putting so much work, phone calls, emails, sweat and hope that I felt that I needed to pull more weight. I think I need to find more sponsors, get more of the word out, with out accidentally going over our maximum number of seats, and still keep everybody motivated. I felt horrible. I forgot the purpose of this event to begin with. I’m sure all of us has a reason why we’re doing this to begin with and we all wanted to be a success. I was so focus on my own agenda that rage blinded me. This event isn’t about the topic or agenda, or which tables are better.

Is about the people coming to the event.

Here is a group of individuals that want to get together, meet other people, for no better reason than because they live in the same city and they want to improve the city that they live in. Here are up and coming (read: struggling) businesses trying to make a name for themselves and meet the people that should be patronizing their establishments. Here are government officials and administrators providing all the resources and doing everything in their power, trying to help us make this event happen.

This is the first one of this kind of event. It’s a pilot exercise that should be built on. A first step. I couldn’t see that we are already building something wonderful that will benefit all of us. I was so close to a very specific tree that I completely forgot about the forest. I’m sorry. I spoke to soon.

I figured that out as I listened to the Project Manager and I felt better. Just because I’m not getting what I want now doesn’t mean that I’m not going to get what I want in the future. I’m not going to work any less hard for this. I still want it to be a success!