Interchangeable Scenery

August 25, 2017 12:07 am

Last night we watched Game of Thrones. I’m not going to even try to re-cap it, since everybody else does it and some do a much better job than I ever could. Also, we watch it on Mondays because we are to cheap to pay for cable, so we just pay for the app. Well, as the episode progressed along, there was a shot taken of Winterfell that the husband and I realized it could also be a scene from Skyrim, the video game. One of the many similarities that we have been noticing all along. And we started reminiscing about our “gamer days”. A time in our life, where we could and did spent countless hours playing video games. Nothing but take out and Diet Coke for nourishment. Friends came over because we had all the instruments for Rock Band. Including a real electronic drum set adjusted to play with the game. We played Left for Dead as well, but it was Skyrim that we both fell in love with. After we found Skyrim, our gaming time had to be scheduled, to keep it fair and since I worked from home at the time, I had to agree not let the gaming get me fired. It didn’t. The day that I accidentally earased my husband Skyrim game, I cried for ten minutes before I called him at work to tell him. It was never the same after that. We got pregnant and bought our home. It’s not that we don’t have time, if we really wanted to, we could. But we have different hobbies now, plus we have to be good role-models for the midget that lives in our house. I’m not sure I would feel the same way about Skyrim now. It’s like a great relationship that ended without either party actually wanting it to end. Outside forces made it happen. 

Nonetheless, we always wondered if the creators of Skyrim were Game of Thrones fans, back when it wasn’t a show yet. I only read the books after I found out HBO was making a show. Just like I did with Big Little Lies. Which, by the way, I still can’t find out which boots is Reese Whiterspoon wearing in a few episodes. I’m talking about the tan ones she wears with jeans and a smart blazer. If anybody knows, please let me know. 

Never mind all that. Where was I? 

The majority of my story takes place on the road, from Florida to Montana, with a few detours. And let me tell you, some states just look like a repeat of the last. Eastern Montana looks a lot like South Dakota, at least in my minds eye. Of course it has been eleven years since the last time I drove thru those states, but that’s what it felt like. Also, I am not saying that they’re not beautiful places. In fact, Montana is our “dream retiring state”. I’m just saying that they have a lot in common. And some parts could get dicey when the only descriptor for seveal places is “mid-western flat lands”. I think I’ll have to research the history, so I can provide a back story and its unique flavor, as well as the specific sorroundings on their routes. Thank you google maps!

I’m sure at some point, one of the writes for GOT, just pulled out his on going game of Skyrim and just showed the stage production department what he wanted it to look like.