Is this a secret, a story or gossip? Either way I want to hear it.

September 26, 2017 3:52 pm

I was on my regular play date at the playground with another mom friend. Actually, this particular mom friend and I are getting to be close. We have similar backgrounds, we share a strange sense of humor and are pretty compatible about our quirkiness. We are trying to homeschool our children and we meet and take turns with a lesson plan. Somehow, our regular playground is still closed because of the storm, so we ended up at a smaller playground with no other kids, so the lesson got finished fairly quickly and after snack the kids went back to play.

Well, we started chatting about the news, friends in common, family, etc. Where we talking about ourselves? Sure. Where we divulging secrets? Some of the stuff was. Where we judging other? Of course. Was it gossiping? Most likely! Where we having fun? Absolutely!

The thing is that I’m not a big secret keeper. Not even my own stuff. Yes, there are somethings that will probably die with me, some things that only the husband knows and somethings that I only share with my closest friends. But most of my life is pretty open because I like to chat and share and be friendly. I’m certain that half my problems would go away if only I knew how to ZIP-IT! But I don’t. Plus most of my stories are funny, not because I’m particularly funny (I’m a grumpy person), but because funny things happen to/ around/ because of me. Also, I know that the stuff that I share with anybody will probably be share again, even if it’s just to a significant other. That doesn’t bother me. But please know that if your four-year old kid knows how to catch a lizard with her hands, without hurting the lizard, I’m sharing that story, cause your kid is cool!
It’s fun to share stuff and to compare anecdotes. It makes us feel that we are connecting with someone, that we are not going through this alone and that somebody else it’s going through the same things. It’s supportive, it validates our opinions and strong bonds are forged. Besides, gossiping has been a part of our society since the begging of time and almost ingrained in our DNA. Who am I to think that I can put and end to it?

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