Is this your sorry mode?

September 15, 2017 1:17 pm

For about a week now I’ve been on an Elle King and Lorde kick, listening to them non stop. I enjoy both young ladies. Elle King sings about not giving a crap, whilst Lorde wants to sober up. Well, today as the music played and the kid watched a show, I read the news. I’m not going to get to much into it, but there’s a new report that says that National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster wrote a memo demanding anti-leak action not only from the security services but from civilian agencies as well. Well, surprising no one, the memo leaked. 

Now, I’m not an expert, but these people are not playing for the same team. Nobody is, in this administration. But It’s not just the administration. Nobody is working together at anything. Most bills have been stalled on Capitol Hill. States are suing each other over upstream water. Our neighborhood association meetings are so argumentative that they could be (and in my opinion, should be) a reality TV show. Some of my neighbors are more than willing to rat out the rest of us, for no reason other than they can. My point is, you’ve picked your team. For the next hundreds of years this administration will have existed. Now try to work together, for crying out loud. 

I didn’t vote for this administration, I was “feeling the Burn” and then I became “Nasty.” Since the election, like most people I know, I wake up wondering what kind of world we are living in. Who got fired last night? What environmental regulation just got slashed? How much in cuts did FEMA and HUD suffer? Are we at war with North Korea? Do I still have any rights over my internal organs?

I would like to wake up and not have any news to read. I remember a time when there was so little happening, that I spent my morning listening to Diane Rehm interviewing Margaret Atwood. I need more of that. I would like to pay more attention to American Idol. Not because I’ve ever watched that show. I never have. But I do enjoy celebrity gossip, and the word on the street is that after Ryan Seacrest and Katy Perry’s deal, the network doesn’t have enough money to get more “quality” judges. That tickles me. They each got a reporter $40M, but they don’t have a show. That’s Friday morning news!

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