“Janice and John” OR some minor details might be based on real life

August 18, 2017 4:41 pm

Here are two characters that I’m working on. I don’t have a lot of the story for them yet, just because I have borrowed some details from real people, and I don’t want them to get mad at me. Also, they’re not in my current writing project nor are they in Shedding. But here is a quick overview of their background. 

Janice is a smart, educated, strong, young woman. In her twenties, Janice has a promising job, wonderful friends, a supporting family and last but not least, she is gorgeous. Tall, skinny, porcelain skin, almond shaped eyes, and eloquently spoken. She should’ve had the “pick of the litter” as far as men where concerned. Janice however only had eyes for Kenneth. Kenneth barely had a high school degree, he worked for a private security company and already had a child from a previous relationship.

Neither Janice’s family or friends approved of him and the worst part was that Kenneth didn’t even want to commit to Janice. For about five years, Kenneth kept her at arms length. For brief periods of time, Kenneth would be the most wonderful and attentive boyfriend ever. But for the most part, Kenneth was a flake and almost always, had lady “friends” on the side. Occacionally, Kenneth would disappear for a few weeks at a time, always saying that he was busy with his job, and/or kid. It was during one of those times, that Janice met John. 

John was by all accounts the exact opposite of Kenneth. Older, financially secure, and he owned his business. John came from a close family, but he had built his on wealth. John was divorced with two older children in college. His marriage had just ended and his ex-wife, Brenda, was still very bitter about it. Especially after he started dating Janice. Brenda actively sought out Janice just to ‘accidentally’ insult her and pasive-aggressively remind John that he had abandoned his family for a trophy girlfriend. 

Janice didn’t really care. John was just a place holder until Kenneth came back. Someone successful to flaunt in front of Kenneth. But Janice got pregnant, only five months after she met John. With pressure from John, her Mother, and his Mother, Janice reluctantly decides to keep the baby and accepts his proposal to marry him. Brenda almost looses her mind when her children told her the news, but Kenneth congratulates Janice and wishes her good luck, effectively breaking Janice’s heart. 

Fast forward two years into the marriage. Janice has convinced herself that being the house-wife of a rich man is what she really wanted in life, even after John makes it abundantly clear that Janice has very little weight on the choices they make as “a couple” for their life. Janice has, admittedly, embraced her expensive lifestyle, whilst resenting John’s choices for them. 

That’s not all I have, but I have to work on the next part. Should she have an affair with Kenneth? Should Janice meet someone new? Should John meet Kenneth? Should he know about him at all? Thoughts? Please Be kind. 

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