May 10, 2018 2:07 pm

When the husband and I started trying to get pregnant of course we discussed names. The thing is that we wanted a girl, and I had read about gender disappointment. One way to try and avoid it, is not finding out the gender of the baby, but now a days, you can know the gender of the baby at as little as twelve weeks. I decided that we weren’t going to learn the gender. Yes, I decided on my own. The husband didn’t like that at all. It became an argument. He actually said that not finding out the gender of the kid was stupid. So I told him that he could find out, but couldn’t tell anybody, so nobody could let it slip.

He caved and he decided that he didn’t want to know either. But now we needed two different names.

Had it been a boy, the husband wanted ‘John’.

“No.” I said. The husband just looked at me.

“We are not naming our son ‘John’. That’s the most common name in the history of the world. When a male body is found, they name him ‘John’ until they figure out the real name. So No.” I finished. This became another argument, but we came up with a compromise ‘Jackson’.

“If is a girl I want to name her ‘Spring Rainn’.” I said

“We are not naming our child that.” Said the husband.

“Why not?” I asked

“Because we are not those type of hippies.” he said

We came up with a compromise, Claudia Rainn. I liked it. Claudia is the Kirsten Dunst character in Interview with a Vampire. But then the kid didn’t want to come. I was pregnant for forty two weeks and I was in labor for forty hours. I wrote about it here.

We were at the hospital when at one point one of the nurses walked in and said

“Hey, it’s Christmas Eve, so if it’s a girl, you guys could name her Eve or Noel.” she was trying really hard to cheer me up cause I was IN LABOR! The husband looked at me and said

“Yes! If it’s a girl, an we please name her Claudia Eve?!” He asked me very excited. I took one look at him and said

“I don’t give a shit, what you call this kid! I just wanted to be born!”

So Christmas Eve my kid was born and the husband named her Claudia Eve. I had very little to do with her name.

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