Naturally Coloring for the Fall

October 1, 2018 1:30 pm

With the kid going to school five days a week, we don’t get to do as many fun things as before. Some times we have to run from one place to the next one with no down time in between. We have been rushing through all of our errands with no time to spare. The kid has had to have her snack in the car.

We don’t like it. 2kicks and I don’t really like being rushed. We like taking our sweet ass time to do things. We like waking up when we are ready. I don’t use an alarm, and the kid wakes up also when she’s ready. I like having a cup of something, and read the news while she watches Wild Kratts or Nature Cat (for some reason she prefers nature shows in the morning. I don’t know why), laying on her bedroom floor. Both of us still in pjs.

If we’re going to the playground, we don’t want to have to rush out of there because we have to go home, feed the dog, have lunch and get ready for school. We much prefer to go to the playground and come back whenever we get tired of it. Before this September, if the kid and I made a plan, we hardly ever double booked our selves, in case we wanted to do something different because we had changed our minds. Now, it seems that almost all of the waking hours have been planned out, because otherwise I’ll forget to do something like pick up the husbands shirts or make sure the kid cleaned her room.

So when the kid had a runny nose and was one degree warmer (seriously, she was 99.8) on Thursday, I immediately suggested that she stay home from school on Friday. It’s not that I wasn’t concern with the kid, I knew she has wicked wicked allergies, and I feel for her. But it’s not like she was ran down, with no energy wanting to be in my arms. She was playing with her toys and doing her normal things. We went to the supermarket and then we did a little art project.

We still have the rest of the year to get through, but the holidays are coming and she’ll have a bunch of days off. I think that we both needed a little day off and have a little breather.

We melted down crayons and made pumpkins and Dia de los Muertos, crayons.

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