Next Week

May 7, 2018 1:36 am

When we first bought our house, one of the first things I noticed was that our toilet was to tall for me. However, it was still in good condition so we kept it. It’s been five years, and last Christmas we finally broke down and bought a new one. That’s sitting on my porch in a box.

With the mother in law in town, I get to do more than usual. Normally, she watches the kid, and I work on projects. Planned and prepared projects that I can tackle in a few days. This trip it’s the bathroom. We have to finish our bathroom! We don’t have a floor. We haven’t had a floor for a week. Today we’re removing the sink. We will be brushing our teeth in the kitchen, until Friday… for some reason the memory of Money Pitcame to mind.

Because of everything else that’s going on in, last night I realized that I have no less than three full loads of laundry to do, the chickens got on the porch, pooping everywhere, I have to re-fill my little library, there’s a pile of stuff on my desk, I have two late night meetings this week: one with members of my NLA class at City Hall and the other at the HS with the Board of Education. I have to call the city about some permits, wait for a delivery from Home Depot, go through 2kicks closet and toys cause I need to declutter that room and since its Mother’s Day next week, I need to confirm who’s all coming. I decided to make reservations for brunch at a local bistro, because I can’t host it at my house cause I don’t have a bathroom floor!

I must be a glutton for punishment, cause I still have to write a post everyday, and write three thousand words on my third novella, yeah… you all forgot that I’m still trying to write books!

It’s cool….I got this.

Update: the sink is gone, the laundry is done, and we’re off to dinner with Beba!