Our birds are growing.

June 6, 2018 2:07 am

Normally, on Tuesdays I sit outside the kid’s school for a few hours and write. I get to focus and it works for me. But school is out. This morning I did laundry, some fun homework with the kid and some crafting, but that only lasted a little more than an hour and she wanted to go play. 2kicks is ready for a break, and I’m glad things can slowdown for a minute.

It’s a beautiful day and the girls are out and about in the yard. We have a chicken run around the beds. Now that our season is over, they can have access to all the beds, effectively cleaning, tilling and fertilizing them for next season. It’s kind of cool. After five years of doing this, it’s getting a little easier.

We have nine chickens. Six fully grown and three teenagers. That’s what we call them, but they’re actually more like a few months old. We know that the blondies (two of our adult chickens) can fly six feet high and the teens can still fit through the holes in the fence. So it’s not like they’re really contained, and they go out exploring the entirety of the yard. Donna, the leader, gets mad and some times comes out to get them back in.

We trained our dog to chase them off our porch, but one time I watched what happened when we weren’t home and I saw the dog sleeping on our porch couch while Donna was on the porch coffee table pecking on my citronella candle!

Last night the husband and I where sitting on the back porch and noticed that one of the teenagers was out of the run, and couldn’t figure out which hole was big enough to get back in. We could tell she was getting nervous because the sun was coming down. So the other two teenagers came back out of their coop to the fence, and walked her the entirety of the perimeter to the right hole! It was amazing to watch, but since neither the husband or I wanted to disturb what was happening, we didn’t record it. Also, we didn’t have our phones on us, and sometimes we’re just lazy…

But… a little over a year ago, our house was picked to be in a YouTube documentary. Things are a little different now and the kid is older, however, if you want to see what our yard looks like, have at it.