Painfully Sad

February 9, 2018 10:00 pm

Last week, Madam President was out of town and when she returned I needed her approval on some stuff so I texted her. Well, she apologized for the lateness, but she had lost one of her doggies…. I immediately replied with

“OH NO! I’m so sorry! That’s terrible! Don’t hurry on my account. I can wait”.

I sort of put it on the back on my mind, and continued with life as usual. This past weekend, the husband and I were cleaning, gardening and doing what we normally do on weekends, when I remembered Ellie, the dog. The kid, as usual, was doing something with us, so I had to say something on the lines of:

“Hey, I forgot to tell you, but one of Madam President’s doggie had a booboo, and Madam President and Mr Melania had to send her upstate.”

“Oh no! Poor Madam President!” He said.

And that’s when the kid asked “Madam President lost her doggie?”

“Yeah, but it’s ok. The doggie feels better now.” I said

“Madam President is sad to loose her doggie.” the kid said

“I know, Gordita” I said

At this point, my husband had the bright idea of interjecting with “She can have our dog!” He said.

The kid lost her shit! She started crying that she didn’t want to loose her doggie! And that we please not give her to Madam President! She said that our doggie didn’t have any booboos! She didn’t have to leave!

After, I stared my husband up and down! If I could have, I would have shot daggers from my eyes! I couldn’t believe what he had just said! But instead of getting mad at him, (which believe you me, it was HARD) I came to the realization that one, not only is our kid NOT a sociopath (which is a win for the husband and I), but she loves her dog! Until now, I thought that she regarded the dog as just someone else that lives here who’s poo we have to pick up and that occasionally pees on her rug. But no, my kid loves her dog! I’m glad.

I decided to make it into a teaching moment for the kid. We hand made a card for Madam President, and had the kid give it to her right before the last general meeting.

“I’m sorry you lost your doggie.” My kid said to Madam President

“Thank you! Your card makes me feel better…” Madam President answered back.

After the meeting, the husband and I consoled her at our house with extra wine, and chicken wings. I think Madam President feels a little better.

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