Peregrine Falcon

May 12, 2018 12:48 pm

My prompt for today is either hobbies, or which is your spirit animal. It was actually due yesterday, but yesterday I didn’t have floors in my bathroom, so that took a priority to writing.

The husband and I like to watch PBS and National Geographic, because our pretentious pompous asses cant just watch the Voice and Mike and Moly. I kid!

Well in one of those shows there was a segment about the Peregrine Falcon. The peregrine falcon is renowned for its characteristic hunting stoop, the speed they reach when diving for a prey. This falcon is respected for its hunting ability, high trainability, versatility. After watching it, the husband decided that that was my spirit animal, because they are super protective moms, fiercely brave, they can live in the wild and the city and they can knock any other bird of their own flight path.

I agree. I am a Peregrine Falcon.

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