Reasons: I’m ranting.

August 6, 2018 2:38 pm

The other day I was chatting with a group of moms when one of them said,

“UGH! I don’t want to talk about politics,” in a dismissive grumpy tone. Another lady said,

“Well, nobody wants to talk about politics. Before Trump, I never talked about politics. We don’t want to talk about politics so much that we ended up with an idiot committing treason, so corrupt that his daughter made $82 million last year! There’s nothing else to talk about.” We all chuckled.

These weren’t my regular mom friends. I’ve never met any of them before and I don’t know anything about them.

“Everyday I wake up thinking about what new shitty things Chetto Mussolini* did.” I said. “I would love it if we could talk about anything else. I barely paid attention to the World Cup, cause I was so busy reading about the babies still in cages.”

That’s when lady number one said, “I didn’t know he was going to do that.” Of course you didn’t know.

I know I should have walked away. I knew that, then and there, but I didn’t.

“Trump announced his candidacy by portraying all Mexicans as rapists and murders. What did you think was going to happen?” I asked. She didn’t have an answer. The conversation died down and I went chasing after my kid.

Years ago, before I was even pregnant with the 2kicks, the husband and I were talking to another couple about terminating pregnancies, and the other wife said something along the lines of:

“Well, I don’t mind if [the abortion] is for medical reasons, but no. Women shouldn’t be allowed to have abortions just because they don’t want the baby.”

I was floored. This woman had given herself medical authority and rights to other humans beings’ internal organs and she had made herself the ultimate authority for peoples future. Who in the world did she think she was? Who gave her authority over what other women can and cannot do? What made her the ultimate judge? Of course this couple used to complain about all the curry smell in their neighborhood. I should’ve known better. I should’ve said something and I didn’t. But that was back when I was still trying to be civil.

For the record, a lot of people didn’t wake up on November 8th and decided to be racists, islamophobes, xenophobes, selfish and / or all around horrible people. A lot of Trump supporters didn’t wake up that morning and think to themselves you know what, I think that women have too many rights over their own bodies, I think that this country needs to take back some of those rights. This mentality is years in the making.

Wednesday, November 9th 2016 I took the kid to the playground. I had been crying all morning and was just not in the mood to talk to anybody but of course there were other moms there. I kind of just smiled and kept watching the kid. Then I overheard their conversation about the election, and one of them started crying. I didn’t want to start crying so I didn’t approach them nor did I interject in the conversation. Afterwards, I went to my regular bakery and told that story to one of the bakers and she started crying.

Us (and by us I mean the left-wing, wine sipping, east/west coast liberals with a healthy portion of socialism peeps to just the average moderate conservative that didn’t vote from Trump), don’t want to talk about politics. I don’t want to know the name of any of the Secretaries of any Department, I don’t want to watch C-Span, I don’t want to have to follow Special Councils, Supreme Court Justices, or how the Department of Education doesn’t know how to spell. That’s why we voted for Clinton. Because we wanted boring politics as usual. You know, somebody qualified for the job, with experience in every level of government, who can actually carry a conversation. But of course, Clinton’s lack of a penis got in the way. These aren’t our politics.

Allow me to vent for a while, if you don’t mind. First, there are a lot of people that voted for Trump who say it wasn’t about race or gender. There are a lot of people who say that they voted for tax cuts or to protect Christianity, or because Trump would be tough on Security and put Americans first, or because Trump would make better deals with companies and the rest of the world, or (my favorite) because they couldn’t trust Clinton. Here’s the thing, Trump never even released his own tax records, he never gave us a concrete plan. Why would anybody think that he had an idea, good or bad? For those religious folks that voted for him because he would protect Christianity?Trump compared the Bible to his own book and showed that he doesn’t even know how to read the Bible. He bragged about sexually assaulting women, he has insulted everyone from Gold Star families to disabled journalists. Trump has praised murdering dictators while insulting our closest allies. Trump has paid off porn stars to silence the affairs he had, while his (third) wife had just had a baby.

But Trump didn’t make any sense during his campaign, he’s still delusional and none of the promises he made are getting done, and people still voted for him and defend his actions. Trump is represented perfectly by two things he has always said, Obama is a Muslim that was born in Kenya and immigrants are horrible. His main chant to this day, is Build that wall. Trump country still supports him because he’s protecting the survival of the Christian Nation. I don’t believe anybody that voted for Donald Trump, voted for him for any other reason than race. I know this because, historically, republican tax cuts only help big corporation. Study after study shows that ‘trickle down economics’ do not help the poor, only the rich. Nobody I know will benefit from the tax cuts. Also, the United States is one of the least taxed countries in the world. Our infrastructure is in shambles, we are in more debt than before the recession, we have a housing crisis (again), pay raises are non existing, we have zero benefits, no parental leave, or actual time off. The United States has the highest wealth disparity of any power nation. We need to raise taxes, not keep cutting them. Studies also show that most people are not that religious: they go to church for the community and because of tradition. Most people didn’t actually paid attention to the Iran Deal. They had no clue before, but now Trump was going to fix all of their problems.

There’s always been rascim. But there’s no creature more insecure and weak than the average white man. Here’s an example: Watch the video of the CVS manager calling the cops because a woman came in with a coupon. She happened to be black. If you watch him, he is shaking. This man is so angry that he is visibly shaking. He is calling the cops because this woman, this black woman, did not recognize his superiority as a white male! How dare she?! Did she not see the manager label on his name tag?! How could she even think about questioning his authority?! He called the cops, to further exert his power and force. You could also read the article that Andrew Sullivan wrote for New York Magazine about Sarah Jeong. This Asian woman had the audacity to have an opinion, voice it and then get hired for the New York Times. Andrew Sullivan feels threaten and doesn’t understand context, so he calls this woman a racist. Are you kidding me?

Once President Obama was elected, white men all over the country thought to themselves, How dare he?!

People that voted for Trump thought to themselves, I have a (insert a race or religion here) friend, I am not a racist. I heard several people excuse themselves that way. You are still a racist. You may not be a racist out loud, but you’re still a racist. The only thing that Trump has ever championed for is white men. Exclusively rich white men. These aren’t “my politics.” Trump supporters shoved this nightmare down everybody’s throat and now they don’t want to talk about politics. I guess they don’t want the reminder that they’re racist. Their lack of a conscience and compassion is tearing this country apart. Is a lack of humanity really.