Red means for Stop

September 6, 2017 12:06 pm

Every where I go, I go with the kid. Since the beginning is always been just her and me for most of the drives. At first, she sat backwards of course, so we had a mirror hanging from the headrest, so I could always see her. After she learned how to take her shoes off, for the next year, every SINGLE time she got in the car she would take her shoes off. Without fail, even if we were running late. I’ve seen her grab her bag of whatever and dump it all over herself. As time went by, we had to turn her and because she has always been on the center spot of the back seat, she could always see the road. One time we were driving, pretty peacefully, and some mini-van cut me off. Without skipping a beat, I hear from the back seat “jackass!”. In the most adorable little voice ever! I’m telling you it was cute as hell! I’ve also had to explain to her that green means “go”, yellow means “slowly” and red means “stop”. So if we’re in traffic, she’ll randomly yell from the back seat “green is for go, people!” It cracks me up every time. She has also, demanded a “RED is for stop” in the middle of the highway. That’s not as cute.

Today we were heading out, as we normally do. I normally bring something for entertainment in the car, in the event that we do get stuck in traffic. Today she asked for books. Pretty normal request. Except that about 10 minutes in, she couldn’t reach her backpack with the books in it. I wasn’t in the highway, but I couldn’t just stop either. So I said, “oh no, we need a red means for stop” and she said “OH NO! were can we get one?” She said. I started laughing, and saw a light coming up. The light turned red and the kid started laughing and clapping. I immediately turned and handed her her backpack. She was so happy!

I have never been that happy to get caught at a red light in my life!