Shine, Shine, Shine

February 7, 2018 9:25 pm

Because of my involvement with the neighborhood association, I have met our Park’s Guy. He’s the person that coordinates the centers, helps promote events, he’s the liaison with the Parks and Recreations Department, materials and equipment provider, and all around good guy. Well, last Monday, at our regular play date, he came over to let us know of new classes at a new community center a neighborhood over. Now, the building itself is actually really old. So old, that it took sixteen years to get everything together and update the building for occupancy status. The building actually looks amazing and the floors look particularly good.

One of my regular mom friends and I went to a little class today because throughout the month of February they will be having them for free and we wanted to test them out. Plus it’s really hard for us the shed any amount of cash for something that we already do at our own park, on our own days. First, I was half an hour late because I looked at the time wrong and the wrong day. Then when I got there, it was only my friend and I with our kids. I’ve been at library classes where is only the librarian and the kid. Let’s just say it can (and often does) get a little bit awkward. But then three other moms showed up with some more kids. The class is described as “a new way to explore the world around you and interact with your friends through movement in play”. The class was actually very good and we will probably sign up for the Friday one. It’s mostly singing and dancing with a little artwork and a little snack.

Because I’ve been going to these types of classes since the kid was an infant I have learned most of the songs in most of these classes. So today when this “little light of mine” came on not only did I know it but I had actually heard that particular version before. This version goes from “this little light” on the tip of your finger to your face arms and legs. But I always thought it was a missed opportunity for a kids little song because while it keeps the rhythm and it does add some verses, the face, the arms and the legs also “shine” as opposed to having the face, arms and legs do something different. In my version, the kids would actually have to do something else with their face, arms and legs instead of just pointing at them.

So here’s my version of the song, (please sing a long in your head):

(With their index finger raised in the air) This little light of mine… I’m going to let it shine, This little light of mine… I’m going to let it shine, This little light of mine… I’m going to let it shine. let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

(Frame the face with the index and the thumb) This little face of mine I’m gonna let it smile… let smile, let smile, let smile

(Flapping the arms up and down and slow running through the room) These little arms of mine, I’m going to let them fly… let them fly, let them fly, let them fly

(Stomping the legs) These little legs of mine, I’m gonna let them stomp…. let them stomp, let them stomp, let them stomp.

Reappear the first one. Or all of them. As many times as you want!

Those are the original floors.

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