November 7, 2017 4:21 pm

The husband fell asleep watching Curb your Enthusiasm. That’s not a big deal in itself. It’s a big deal to me, because he made me stay up to watch it, and when I looked over he was asleep! Normally, I’m the one ready to go to bed earlier at a reasonable hour. His argument against that is that if he goes to bed to early, than it feels like all he did was wake up, go to work and then go back to sleep. I understand this argument and it is a logical reasonable argument. However, yesterday I had a Playground play date, dry cleaners, revise a budget, check on the new chickens, laundry, make dinner, dance class for the kid, and improv for me.

We are tired! I’m tired, he’s tired, and the kid is already asleep. That means that we need more rest, not try to be awake. I’ve had to renew the same book from the library tree times, cause I have yet to even open it.

This past weekend is the perfect example: friends texted to go to a show at 9pm. I took all the steps necessary, like call the sitter and take a quick ‘disco nap’ and I went through all the motions. Did we go? No! Because we are tired! I even asked the husband, do you think they’re taking some low level cocaine like Ritalin or Adderall? Just kidding! But seriously, how are people staying awake past ten? How do they have some much energy, to go workout and stuff? I can barely stretch before getting in the shower.

On a different note, we got two more chickens. This particular breed is actually raised for meat, but since they’re so big some people keep them as layers. That’s what we’re going to do. Now, there is a pecking order for the chickens, like any other coup, and the leader of the pack, in this case is, Donna Meagle (shout out to Retta from Parks and Recreations). The new girls have a good five pounds on Donna, but somehow she has already made sure that Jessica (Constance Wu) and Honey (Chelsey Crisp), both named after character from Fresh of the Boat, knew that she’s in charge. We had to separate them.

In the mean time, the kid has had friends over two weekends in a row! She loves having her friends over, and right now all the kids her age are at their super sweetest, honest, caring and loving phase, so having to solve dinosaurs’ puzzles is a treat!