So I think I have a plan… Kind of.

August 16, 2017 1:38 pm

Since I “self published” on amazon (my mother in law bought a copy… that’s it), I can’t finish posting the novella on word press. But hopefully, I have giving you enough to go an buy it. Which you should, because it’s really O.K. It’s called Shedding and you can find it on Amazon for $2.99.

The thing is that I’m not really a writer, I have done nothing but read about learning how to write. This is getting me a lot of information but not really any content. Well, all the blogs I have read say things like: “if you’re not writing, you have to be reading”, and “write, write, write!” “Your word goal needs to be at least ‘X’ amount you slacker!” ” you don’t have a mentor?! Well you’re just not going to make it!” Also, it doesn’t help, when the authors of the blogs I’m reading have thirty or so books. (Breath)

I’ll try something like writing a blog.

I have tried it in the past, and it was going ok. But I normally get distracted with ANYTHING that just happens to cross my path: News, neighborhood gossip, texting with mom friends, finding things to do for the kid, chickens, pallets, sewing, raised beds, the list goes on and on. And for the record, not all the blogs I read are about writing. I also read, advice columns, alternative lifestyles, sex toy reviews, and just life stories of people, who in my opinion, keep tripping on the same rock… over and over and over and over and over and over and…. Well you get the point.

One thing that I do want to get done on here is help develop characters but not really the story lines, since I’m not sure what they’re going to be. Except for one: the one that I’m actively writing. I figured that any criticism I may get, and lets face it, I’m certain it will be a long way before anybody even reads this, it will be from strangers. I think (emphasis on the word “think”) I would be able to take it a constructive.

Also, I will simultaneously be bragging and complaining about my husband and daughter. Don’t judge me, I need an outlet.