November 16, 2017 7:52 pm

The keys on my keyboard get stuck. Completely random and with no apparent reason.

This morning, as I was dropping the kid off at school, we saw one of her class mates in a pretty little Irish dress. I asked what was happening and I was told that it was Cultural Festival and everyone was invited to bring a dish and dress in a different continent color or culture of their choice. It’s on the calendar and the teachers sent out a reminder yesterday.

Of course, I didn’t know any of this. You know why? Because I suck! I’m the worst mother! Because I don’t deserve a great kid! and now my child didn’t get to dress up like the other kids! Crap, crap, crap! Crapparoni on a stick! Holy mother of chickens! bad mother! I sat here two days ago, and wrote 900 words judging ‘the bad man’, and forgot that I have a child to pay attention to! I was so preoccupied with other things that I didn’t even check the app last night to see what was happening. Also, I now have to run to Publix, to get some random Hispanic food so she can have for the party. I’m Argentinian, but I don’t think I’ll get lucky enough to find Argentinian specific food.

(As I’m typing that, I remembered that Publix does have an Argentinian specific pastry. Maybe I’ll bring that.)

My kid is stuck with me. There’s nothing that will change that. With all my distractions, attention deficits, and obsessive compulsions. Poor kid, I feel for her, she still has at least 13-14 years of full time me. Forgetful, occupied, cranky, old me. The same me who once left her Prius on whilst grocery shopping. The same me who once grabbed a handful of crackers from the car seat and gave it to her kid! The thing is that she deserves better. She’s a great kid with a big imagination and a huge heart. She would’ve loved to make ‘alfajores de maizena’ together to take to her friends and I would’ve made her a pretty little Argentinian dress. But she didn’t get to do any of this. This time and (hopefully) only this time…

Last night was the first meeting for the new board of directors for the neighborhood association. I have to say, Madam President is a way bigger person than I am. Several times last night, I wanted to get up and yell at the old men (Plural!) that were somehow simultaneously explaining to Madam President what the president should do and how she should do it while not volunteering for anything! They all want to have the city do stuff for them, but non of them even want to make a phone call. She had to call them out on it several times. The bad man was also there, and he wanted to opposed the budget for events for the neighborhood. He got shot down!

Last year, when I wasn’t involved, it was tradition for Madam President, Mr Melania and the husband to go get drinks. Last night we had the kid, so instead we had drinks at our house. Oh yeah… I’m a bit, middle of the week, no less, hungover today… Bad Mom! BAD BAD MOM!!

Update: Publix did not have the pastry I was looking for, so instead I got empanadas and I ran home to get the kid’s “Messi” Jersey

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