The Bad News Train Is Up and Running

November 21, 2017 10:03 pm

Update: I asked the husband what he thought of the post and he said: ” you forgot about the raccoons, opening up the dog’s food container and leaving it open while it rained. We lost twenty-five pounds of food…. also, I think another chicken escaped”.

I cannot wait to see what happens tomorrow…

On my regular Monday morning play date, I make the kids do a little “stretch/yoga” routine. It lets them know that we are ready for the structure playtime. Somehow, in one of the twisty morning shakes I threw my back out. I was in pain on my right side from my waist all the way to my knee. I mean I had to sit down, and one of the other moms had to take over so the kids wouldn’t worry! And I still had to walk the 1.2 miles back to my house at the end of the play date.

Here’s the thing, it’s thanksgiving weekend, and whilst I’m not hosting at my house, I am still cooking thanksgivings dinner for four people and the kid. So after the playground, we came home, I took two Aleves and we headed to get supplies for dinner. For which I had to hurry, because my neighbor’s son had asked me to begin with his driving lessons. He knows how to drive, but he needs to learn how to drive manual transmission and his mother doesn’t know how to. I made it home in time, but he didn’t. And after the supermarket, I had to cook dinner and take the kid to dance class. So we made tentative plans for the next day. I also had improv class last night. I took two more Aleves before class.

Last night, after I made home from class and washed down two Advil PMs, with vodka, I went to sleep on my trusty heating blanket. The blanket, the booze nor the Advil’s did the trick. I was in pain all night long, just to watch the kid crawl on our bed and cough. Every person who has had a kid for more than a couple of hours knows that cough. It’s the sound that makes you look up and think to yourself “poor baby”.

After a not great night of sleep, the husband woke me up in a hurry because, also last night, when I got home I was informed that one of the new chickens escaped. Chickens are not smart, and normally come back to the coup. So last night, I couldn’t move and there was no way to know where it went. But this morning the husband heard her on our neighbor’s yard, and he needed my help catching her. I could barely get out of bed. So I hobbled over to the front yard, and we did tried to catch her for a while, but we gave up. I couldn’t bend over, and she’s to fast for the husband. We know were she is and we know that she’s getting food and water. Were hoping that she’ll come back on her own.

Well, here’s the other thing, the kid’s school, asks and encourages that if any parent wants to volunteer as a guest and help out in the class, they should. Today was my day. I had volunteered for my kid’s class. I had a book with a relevant activity (of course about dinosaurs) and a thanksgiving song. This morning when I woke up still in pain, I decided that I didn’t want to be the mom “who has an excuse”. I don’t like it when moms cancel on me. I understand that sometimes it’s inevitable, but some moms are just constantly “last minute” cancelling and it disappoints me and the kid. When I make plans with some moms, I don’t tell the kid at all that they might come, because when they cancel it upsets the kid. She’s to young for that kind of heart break. So I didn’t want to cancel my volunteering day. I took two Aleves when I woke up, and two more right before we left. I gave the kid cough and fever baby aspirin and took off.

I know that some of you are thinking you shouldn’t take a sick kid to school! She will get everyone sick!”

Well, it’s a good thing that I did! Her home room teacher was in a car accident the night before, so she was out; the school was already down one teacher for the holidays, and one of the bathrooms wasn’t working properly. Oh, and by the way, every kid in her class had the sniffles! I’m surprised this is the first time she got sick in over two months! I was giving teachers bathroom breaks!

The kid is also gonna miss dance class today, which she loves! And because all of this happened before noon, I still had time to disappoint one more person: my neighbor’s son. There’s no way I can leave my kid with his mom, cause, oh surprise, her kid toddler is also sick and I can now move from one side of the bed to two inches from the spot. We’ve been watching Sesame Street all afternoon.