The power is out

September 11, 2017 7:49 pm

And the kid is bored! The husband is too, but at least now he has to call the alarm company. The back up battery for the brain of the alarm system is dead and needs to be plugged in. It’s ok, even if he doesn’t get through, when the alarm company calls the cops, the cops will tell them yeah, we have a hurricane. But we’ll see cause he doesn’t want to sit on hold. I guess sitting by the door (we have impact resistant glass doors) watching the wind blow is far more engaging than I thought. 

I’m bored too. When I get bored I go read other people’s blogs. Writing advice, but mostly people just talking about themselves. Inevitably, the blogs will go through the awfulness in their lives, the reasons why they have x, y, and z mental health issues. They’ll discuss various dissabilities and their causes. The other blogs that I read are more on the “my life is wonderful” until the next blog, where everything just came crashing down and the person find themselves not knowing how they got there. Those normally don’t last very long.  

With the mental health cases I find myself wondering how many people get an actual diagnosis. As in gone to the therapist for a long time and were diagnosed with which ever disorder they have. Out of those cases how many people had a good therapist, how many people received the wrong diagnosis, how many people are self diagnosed, and how many people are walking around thinking that they have PTSD, but in reality have a brain aneurysm and are about to just drop dead in line to pick up Prosac at the pharmacy. 

Granted, most of my knowledge of the inner workings of medical staff at offices and hospitals comes from House and Grey’s Anatomy. 

I also find myself wondering that in the unlikely event that most of this bloggers do suffer from a diagnosed mental health disorder and are taking their medication, I feel so bad for them and every thing that they have to go through! It sounds horrible, to say the least! I’m sending you guys some good thoughts!

We still have about five more hours of storm… We don’t know when we’ll get power back…. 

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