There is no excuse

October 10, 2017 1:20 pm

I have been without internet at the house for five days, and I haven’t written anything in all of this time. 

This is what happened. A couple of years ago there was a house across the street from our house. That house was empty and needed a lot of repairs. It finally sold to an investor, who in an effort to save some cash made some bad decisions. The first one of them was to fix the roof before connecting the sewer system to the city. Most of our block has really old properties that had septic tanks. But a few years before the city started mandating that all the houses connect to the main sewer system. We had to do it when we bought our house. Well, the plumber that they picked, didn’t do a great job because they damaged the foundation of the house in the process. The house began falling in and the investor was forced to level the property. 

After about a year of what I can only assume was a legal battle, everything settle and now they are building a new property. Meanwhile in the rest of Florida, Hurricane Irma made landfall. And with that came hurricane force winds and it loosened the big cables on our block. And they were hanging low enough that on Friday, when one of the construction trucks drove by, the cable got stuck and it got pulled down. By the way, one of the guys (there are no women in this site) rolled the cable and tossed it in between my house and our neighbor.

Of course, we called immediately, and Comcast said that they would be here on Saturday between 8am and 10am. When they hadn’t showed up at 10am, the husband called again. The person on the other line said that the window was between 8am and 8pm. When they hadn’t showed up by Sunday, the husband called again and this person tells my husband that “by law, the independent contractor has two weeks to fix it” and then tells him that they’ll be here on Tuesday. 

I don’t want to get mad. I want to remain calm, cool and collected. The rational part of me understands that they are probably busy with bigger problems and that there are more people in worst situations right now, than me. I remind myself that I can still go to the library or even Publix (our local supermarket) and still have free wi-if. 

It’s just such a big pain in the ass!

Please cross your fingers… 

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