Thick Skinned

September 28, 2017 7:06 pm

I got pregnant in 2013. That year I began getting paranoid about what I was putting in my body and learned a bunch of things in the process. Such as the fact that the skin is our largest organ. Now, when we eat or drink something, that substance has to go through a process in our system. The substance has to be broken down in our stomach and then sent on a series of filters like the liver and kidneys, before the good stuff, like nutrients, get sent to the rest of the body where is needed. The garbage gets flushed down the toilet.

Well, did you know that the skin can also send things to the blood stream? That’s why things like nicotine patches and birth control patches work. Except that when something gets absorbed through the skin, that substance doesn’t go through any of the filters. That was a bit concerning. Then I learned that in 2005 there was a report that cosmetic companies are one of the lowest investors in Research and Development department. You know who is constantly being told to putt stuff on their face? Women. Granted it’s a twelve year old study, but lets face it: we live in a country were a guy spent a year in jail for putting to much wood in our Parmesan cheese. Do any of us really want to find out what is in our make-up, creams, potions, exfoliant, etc? 

I stopped wearing make up after that. I was scared of what was going to the unborn child. I also stopped using shampoo and hair conditioner. I stopped using lotions and moisturizers. I stopped dyeing my hair. I always look the same now. Whether it’s a wedding, playground, dinner, class it doesn’t matter. The only thing that changes is my glasses.

It’s been over four years and I haven’t looked back. Besides the (outrageous) amount of money saved, it takes me a hair brush to get ready and my skin has never looked better. I must disclose that before I got pregnant, besides the make up, I also wasn’t very good to my body. I had a horrible diet and even worse lifestyle, so changing all of that probably helped. But the make up…Geeze, the make up! 

Now I still have a beauty routine, but only involves kitchen items. And in the event that my wordpress handle name didn’t give it away, I’m a bit of a modern hippie. So with that in mind, I will share my routine for a facial scrub and hair cleanser. 

All ingredients I use are organic, NON-GMO, except for the honey, which is local. 

Facial scrub:

Coconut oil





Apple cider vinegar  (homemade is best and cheaper)

Optional: lemon juice (be very cautious with this, because whilst it will lighten the skin, it makes it more susceptible to sun light.)

Put a drop (or less, depends on how oily your skin is) of the oil on your hand and rub them together and then rub all over your face. Let sit for a few minutes. Oils attract oils, so it works like a magnet bringing everything to the surface. Also, coconut oil is naturally anti-bacterial. 

During this time, in a small bowl combine one tablespoon of honey, one half a tablespoon of cinnamon, one half a tablespoon of nutmeg, and half a teaspoon or less of sugar. Please note that all of these measurements are for MY skin. I know which parts of my face are oily and which are dry. You should figure your own combination of ingredients. For example, I don’t always use sugar, because I don’t alway need that “harsh” of a scrubber. I did at the beginning. 

After everything is combined, start scrubbing your face and neck. Also your earlobes, behind your ears and your hair line. Leave it on for at least fifteen minutes and as long as you can stand it. Remember that cinnamon and nutmeg will give you a tingling sensation. 

When you’re ready rinse. After, use the Apple cider vinegar as a toner. My advise is to stand in front of a fan or AC, because this burns. Not like sunburn or in the way that Nair burns if you leave it on to long. It’s a different feeling, but still.  

Hair cleanser

Coconut oil

Apple cider vinegar (homemade is best and cheaper)

While your hair is dry, rub about a teaspoon of oil on your hair. Then, with a spray bottle, spray your hair with the vinegar, until all of it is wet. Not dripping but wet, and go through the motions, just like if it was shampoo. Rinse and brush. Please, know that it will take about four weeks for the hair to balance it self out. If during that time your hair feels “extra dirty” you can also use white vinegar. 

Please note to only use stuff that you can eat. If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, do not put it on your skin. 

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