Trouble For Sure

August 22, 2017 2:04 pm

We are sitting on a plane returning home after being gone for three weeks. This is our second plane ride, we still have an hour and half to go, it’s about 1030am. Here’s a good question: should I order some wine? Let’s look at the pros and cons shall we:

Pro: It’s included with our seats, so technically I already paid a fortune for crappy wine 

Con: I don’t wanna get judged

Pro: We still have ANOTHER plane ride for two more hours

Con: when I day drink, I don’t really get to do everything I wanted to do 

Pro: It might help me sleep

Con: I might wake up with a slight headache (that’s how I know it’s crappy wine)

Pro: It might help me ignore the crabby attitude of the crew… they are grumpy!

Con: It might make me say something shitty because of the crabby attitude.

Con: My husband just said “it’s 1030… if you really want to… you can” 

Well, on to the post:

The story I’m writing about is post apocaliptic. Because whilst I’m not into comic books (other than the Walking Dead), I enjoy post apocalyptic and dystopian books. The Maddam Trilogy was amazing. I lost count how many times I read The Handmaids Tale. A Brave New World terrified me, until I realized that we have “been there” for about a decade now. My story however, involves road trips, homesteading, families, and of course weed. None of the main characters are young, and the main plot is not romance nor pretty. 

The truth is that I like long road trips. I have driven across country three times, (two of them just with my dog) and up and down both coasts. Once the kid gets a bit older, and we have a little cash, we’ll probably get a used RV and start driving to Montana for longer stretches than three weeks. Does my husband like the idea? Not yet. But we’ll get there, cause we just saw what the Christmas trip is going to cost, and his reactions was on the lines of, “well maybe. You know how to make a mean Turkey. We can enjoy it at home.”

Now, I’m not saying that it would be safer or even cheaper, but at the very least it would be fun and funnier (read the crappy attitude above). Also, it would give me the experience that my characters go thru without the pesky “murderous rapist” chasing after us. That’s the bad guy in my story. 

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