November 29, 2017 8:05 pm

I have been a little ran down with a cold. But I’ve been drowning in cold medication for the day and Advil PM at night, so I think I sped up its process through me. Maybe this is delusional thinking cause I’m on cold medication. Either way, I don’t feel as crappy as I should for someone with a cold, but I don’t feel as great as someone without a cold should.

Let’s focus on the open ended blogs I have left in the wake of everything that happened last Tuesday and Wednesday…

1. Chickens: Both of the girls that escaped returned on their own. Because any creature would love to have a roof over their heads, food and water readily available, and an honest farmer to take care of them. We called the original owner and he said that he never interacted with them other than food and water. He mentioned that they did like to sleep on top of the coup and not inside it. As it turns out, that’s what was happening. Except that they were sleeping on the edge of the fence. Waking up, they didn’t know on which side of the fence they lived in. And that’s how they ended up in the neighbors yard. Now I coup them before full sun down. It’s an adaptation for everyone. Twice the husband had to grab them in the dark and put them in the coup.

2. My back is feeling better, but my leg is not. I’ve been reading on the subject and it’s probably my sciatica. Which was really messed up during my pregnancy, and there’s no know cure. That’s right. Evidence based medicine says that not heat compresses, nor cold, nor stretching or resting will help the pain. You can continue your daily activities or you can lay down and neither will help make it feel better. You could take one aspirin, or 10 and you probably wouldn’t feel a difference. Some opioids would help but only temporarily and there’s always that pesky addiction problem. Plus most people start to feel better after six weeks anyways so, there really isn’t a need for that. If not, then the surgery option is on the table.

3. I haven’t heard of or spoken to the my mom-friend who voted for Trump.

4. I haven’t writing anything on my story for over a month. Maybe I added thirty words but that was mostly on edits that I’m not sure they needed to be done to begin with, so they don’t count. I don’t have any excuses. I’m a slacker and (sometimes) lazy. I could sit here and write about how my life is really busy, which is true. But that’s also true of every one’s life. We all have stuff to do. But as a sort of punishment, for myself, I will force myself not to watch Alias Grace on Netflix. Which in itself, it’s not a punishment. I read the book and I liked it. The punishment comes from having to sit down and actually watch it with no other device on my hands. As I get older, I like less and less TV. But I will also force myself to write recaps. Cause I think that would be a good exercise. If I like them, I’ll post them.

5. My Improv class ended for the year, and I’m bummed…but now I can use that time to practice some holiday dishes.

We made Cranberries-Brie bites, with rosemary! Yum yum yum!

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