The Other Livvy

March 25, 2018 7:41 pm

So by now you guys probably figured out that a total of ZERO people entered my contest… so I have a New Tray!

Also, by now you guys know that I like to read blogs (a lot of them!), I love entering contests, I need writing exercises, and I suck at Erotica writing. Well, Exhibit A’s wife, The Other Livvy, also has a blog and she started a contest. The story has to be less than 500 words, be erotica of course and include the phrase “semi-moist treat stick” because wacky people are every where, even in London. I’m also supposed to link it and put in a coffee bean badge thing, that I haven’t figured out yet. Let me keep trying.

The thing is that I have three open writing projects right now and the blog. I don’t need another side project, I need to finish the ones that I have open. But what you gonna do…

Either way, here’s my story called “Clear Instructions“. Warning: Adult Content!

Wish me luck.

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