We are getting older, but not wiser.

October 26, 2017 2:52 pm

I enjoy celebrity gossip. I particularly enjoy European Royals gossip, but regular celebrities are ok to. 

So here’s the story: Anna Faris has a book that came out. It’s a memoir about her. Her now estranged husband, Chris Pratt wrote the foreword. Well, in it she writes about how she broke up with her first husband over the phone while on set of a movie, so she could hook up with Chris Pratt. 

I read the article and scrolled down to the comment section, just to find EVERY woman judging Anna Farris. One of them called her an “unrepentant a$$hole”. Another one said “cowardly actions by a woman with no moral compass or apparently compassion”. As a group, all the women that comment only had one thought in mind: Anna Faris is a horrible human being for dumping her husband over the phone. Not one commenter asked, “well, what was he like? What did he do to her? Was the marriage in the rocks? How do we know he wasn’t already with someone else? Clearly, they weren’t even in the same place emotionally or physically. I need more details before making an opinion about her. I will not make up my mind about the way she ended the relationship until and unless I hear his side. As far as all the commenters where concerned, that “poor first husband, got dumped by a woman! How could she?”

I’m not a heart breaker. Never have been. At least I don’t think I am, most of my relationships have been ended by the other party, and the ones that I did end, the other party was always relieved. But I do know this, in zero of those circumstances never has any man ever said, “wow! You broke up with her?! How could you?! You bastard!!”

This is a huge difference I see in the way we, as women react. As a group, men support each other in every single way. They listen to each other, they have each other’s back, they help each other at work. Leo DiCaprio dumped his latest girlfriend for a nine-teen year old, George Clooney only got married after getting tired of Tina Fey making fun of him and shoot, Matt Damon is still defending Rapy McWeinstein. 

But we don’t support each other. Everyone is all ‘hashtag’ sisterhood for ever and we are all you should love yourself in every way, you goddess!! but we don’t mean it. We, women judge each other in every way possible. We compete with each other for no good reason. Tom Papa had a bit about how women wear make up just for other women. I think that’s true! Donna Karen said “we as women, need to take a look at ourselves and how are we presenting ourselves” (she was defending a rapist at the time). One of the commenters said something about how Anna Farris’ “first husband was way cuter than Pratt and how could she leave him for Pratt?” What tha f*** does appearance have to do with anything?!

Of course I commented, and I’m sure I’m the only one who had anything not mean to say about Anna Farris. The comment was not received well, and someone tried to “insult” me by calling me “more of an Anna”. Still not sure how that’s an insult. And no, I will not judge her for ending her marriage, nor will I judge her by the way she ended it. Either one of them. 

And it’s not just with men. I read a while back on NPR, that new moms in America have the same issues as any mom in any other country. It didn’t matter if the country was poor, rich, developed, religious, whatever. The biggest difference between American Moms and other moms was the support system. We, as American moms, refuse to support each other or count on each other. After the kid was born, I used to go walking with a group of moms in different parks. All the moms had an infant, but that’s were the similarities ended. One day I was talking to one of the moms, and she said something about two other moms and I asked “why don’t you like them” and she gave me some B.S answer. I took one look at her and I asked “is it because they’re younger and skinnier?” The other Mom started laughing and said “maybe”. I laughed too, but finished by saying “they are very nice, and I’m not playing this game. Besides, they are both pregnant again, and they need our help because they are young and with their hands full”. The term mommy wars is based on real things. I make it a point to help all the moms I can. Even strange ones that I’ve never met before. I make a conscious decision every day to be a supportive friend with as many ladies as possible.

I’m not saying that Anna Farris did a good thing. But I’m also not going to jump to conclusions, for a man. A man that I don’t know, never heard of, and has no place anywhere in my life. Part of my comment yesterday, was that any time when anybody pins ‘a woman’ (any woman) vs ‘a man’ (any man), I will always be in the woman’s side. Every single time. Yes, blindly and forever. Because if history has thought me anything is that every woman has been pushed a side for a man, by a man and judged by women, had it and still has it harder than her male counterpart and that SHE (any “she”) probably had a very good reason to do whatever it was that she did.

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