What are you talking about?

September 22, 2017 3:42 pm

The kid and I have an activity every day. Playground play dates, dance classes, art school, errands, Everglades, etc. Basically, I need something to do everyday with the kid. This morning she asked me when we were leaving and I had to tell her that we weren’t going anywhere. I had to explain to the three year old that Lowe’s was delivering wood to fix our fence. She looked at me laughing and said: What are you talking about?

Well, our window for delivery was between 9am and 1pm. That’s right. I was mandated to stay at home for four hours waiting. Except that now it’s 1:55pm, still no delivery and I’ve been on hold for close to twenty minutes, with the third party contractor (of course) that does the delivery, trying to find out where my wood is. The original delivery date was meant for last Sunday, but they didn’t make it. That time, the husband had been on hold for close to thirty minutes before he got hung up on! So far not impressed with Lowe’s. 

(As I’m typing, I’m still on hold…24:21)

But that’s the norm these days, no honesty (Lowe’s guaranteed the items and delivery), no timely service (we ordered them ten days ago), no quality control (for the employees or contractors), nobody takes responsibility for their actions, little less for the consequences of their actions (once, I needed some fabric overnighted but it never made it, and the service rep said to me “well, that’s your problem”). 

I find with smaller big companies (original grain or spoonflower)  if you taunt them on social media or yelp they tend to respond with a better attitude. But still, why is this such a problem? Why should the threat of a bad review be the reason for fixing a mistake that the company made? Why can’t it be that pride in your job is the reason you do a good job? 

Well, I finally got through, and the very nice young lady said that she called the driver and he should be calling me soon…that was thirty minutes ago. Great… can’t wait!

UPDATE: they never came…


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