Which Conjugation? OR Baby it’s snowing outside

September 1, 2017 3:17 pm

Shedding is my Novella. If you haven’t got a copy yet, you can get it here. For some reason, most of Shedding, is written in the present tense. Not all of it, but for the most part it is. Something my husband argued against, especially since there’s two different tenses in a story that’s less than twenty-thousand words. But I stood my ground and I won. I thought then and now, that it was better that way because it gives an “action packed” feeling to it. But let’s remember, it’s about a widow building a shed.

When it comes to writing and playing guitar, I don’t normally get to win because he is better than me at both things. But that time, I won. However, it may have back fired. I’m currently working on my first draft of my story, so I know I’m pretty far from my first edits. But I am using a modified version of the snowflake method of writing. Which, for me, was way easier than trying to outline chapter per chapter. But I do have a “master outline”. I also have my scene list and character development worksheets. I’ll go more into it in a different post, with my own outlines. For now let me just say that when I started my story, I was still in a very “present tense” mood, so that’s how I started most of the chapters snowflake. And I continued ‘snowflaking’ all of the chapters on the ‘Numbers’ app.  But now, I know for a fact that the story has to be third person past tense and I’m having to go back and forth because some parts are in present tense and some are in past tense, and because ‘numbers’ is the Apple’s response to excel, it doesn’t have all the features, plus I’m actually writing it on ‘pages’, so…can you say ‘AMATEUR’!?  Cause I can.

Frustrating. That doesn’t give full justice to what I’m feeling. Especially, since it might take away my ‘win’! 

Disclaimer: I’m not complaining about the apps! I like my system, and I don’t want to fork out any amount of dollars for a writing app. Also, I know there are some awesome ones out there even for free, but I don’t have the mental capacity to have to learn something new like a writing app. Shoot, I’m still mad about having to switch to a chip on my debit card… I don’t need new technology, I need the ones that I have to work, damn it!

(…And back to my happy place…)