Wood: A love Story

October 2, 2017 6:49 pm

This past weekend the husband and I had to figure out where to store our plywood. 

So our house is pretty small, and we don’t have tons of storage. But after Irma, we have seven very big pieces of plywood that we needed for the windows. The biggest one is eight feet by four feet. And Since we don’t want to spend that cash again, we needed to figure out how to keep them dry and of the ground, for the next storm, cause it doesn’t look like this is getting any better. 

And yes, I know that I’m supposed to be building the permanent shutters, but my list of things to do is an ever-changing document that as of this weekend includes a hostile take over (more on that in November!). Also, I’m trying to get my writing career of ground (whilst trying to drown out the little voice in my head saying… it’s never going to happen). And, not that this is an excuse, but I also have a daughter to raise and a house to manage. 

But I digress. As far as storing the wood. The laundry room was added to the house about twenty years ago, so it’s a weird “L” shape. The back wall can only be seen from one side of the house and the roof has about a foot of over hand. Well, we decided to build shelves so we could stack the wood against the wall. That wall also serves as the garden hose living area, so the shelves had to be about five feet of the ground. One of the pieces of wood warped a little just from existing in humidity and kept pushing agains the wall, so we had to drill them to the wall. All in all, it’s probably the best place for them. 

Since we bought the house, wood has become my favorite material. One of my favorite hobbies is pulling apart pallets and building stuff. I made our patio furniture and the bridge to Oakland out of pallets. So, also this weekend, we moved our bamboo plant to a bigger and more permanent planter that I made out of pallets. The husband fixed some of the beds, moved the tomatoes from their little starter planter to the raise beds with the cages and we built this climber for the squash. 

Please excuse the Papayas

I didn’t get to write anything this weekend, but we did go to swim lesson, birthday party, hosted two friends for drinks and tapas, and after three people work outside all day long, I have to clean my entire house! I don’t think there was an actual point to this post, just that I was feeling like a slacker. 

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